Bio-based Materials Manufacturer Mojia Bio Nets USD 80 Mn in Series B Round

Healthcare Author: Siren Chen Jun 23, 2022 10:20 PM (GMT+8)

For synthetic biology companies, the bottlenecks are controlling the cost and achieving industrialization.

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Mojia Bio (Chinese: 摩珈生物) completed a Series B round of financing worth more than USD 80 million. Temasek led the round, followed by Sento Investment, LYZZ Capital and further backed by existing shareholders Asia Green Fund and Bits x Bites.

The fund will be used to industrialize and commercialize its bio-based products, research and develop new product pipelines and expand the team.

Mojia bio is a fast-growing and product-oriented bio manufacturing enterprise committed to the production of food additives and chemical products with renewable carbon sources and green processes.

An important aspect of synthetic biology is that it provides technologically innovative solutions for carbon neutralization.

Mojia Bio has been developing green and environmental-friendly biological manufacturing methods for many years to replace the traditional high pollution and energy-consuming chemical production technology. Based on its enzyme engineering and metabolic pathway transformation platform, Mojia Bio has completed the development of several bulk products and entered the industrialization process.

Viridimin®, a brand of vitamin B5 produced by Mojia Bio, has already achieved mass production. Compared to the traditional process, Mojia Bio's approach consumes less energy and ensures that the relevant businesses can operate normally under-tightening environmental policies. The second product to be commercialized is the Aliphane® series of bio-based polymers, which are widely used in coatings and adhesives.

With the successive listing of Amyris, Ginkgo and Twist Bioscience, Chinese venture capital has sensed an opportunity and invested in many synthetic biology companies like Bota Biotech (Chinese: 恩和生物), Bluepha (Chinese: 蓝晶微生物), Synceres (Chinese: 森瑞斯生物) and Abiochem (Chinese: 弈柯莱生物).