15 Companies to Watch in June 2022 - Healthcare

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Jul 04, 2022 06:24 PM (GMT+8)

Editor's note: We at EqualOcean tracked the major funding rounds or industry events that took place in China’s healthcare space in June 2022. And the following is a list of deals that we have selected for you, based on a number of criteria including the funding amount, the financial backers, and the segments in which the startups operate.

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Mojia Bio

Mojia Bio (Chinese: 摩珈生物) completed a Series B round of financing worth more than USD 80 million in late June. Temasek (Chinese: 淡马锡) led the round, followed by Sento Investment, LYZZ Capital and further backed by existing shareholders Asia Green Fund (Chinese: 绿动资本)and Bits x Bites (Chinese: 食芯资本). Founded in 2021, Mojia Bio is a fast-growing and product-oriented bio manufacturing enterprise committed to the production of food additives and chemical products with renewable carbon sources and green processes.


Therorna (Chinese:圆因生物) announced its completion of a Series A financing round worth over CNY 280 million in late June. This round was led by MSA Capital (Chinese: 和玉资本). Sherpa Healthcare Partners (Chinese: 夏尔巴投资), 3H Health Investment (Chinese: 三正健康投资) and the existing investors Quan Capital (Chinese: 泉创资本) and Cenova Capital (Chinese: 千骥资本) also participated in this round. Founded in Beijing in 2021, Therorna focuses on developing next-generation vaccines and innovative therapies by leveraging its proprietary circular RNA technology platform.


Helixon (Chinese: 华深智药), a provider of AI solutions to protein-based therapeutics, harvested nearly CNY 500 million from its Series A financing round in late June. The round was led by 5Y Capital (Chinese: 五源资本), with participation from Gaorong Capital (Chinese: 高榕资本), Neumann Capital and its angle investors, Xianghe Capital(Chinese: 襄禾资本), Hillhouse Ventures (Chinese: 高瓴创投), Qingzhi Capital (Chinese: 清智资本) . Founded in 2021, the company is devoted to building an AI-driven scientific computing platform, offering intelligent systems of microcosmic molecular computing, simulation and design for drugmakers.


Smart Touch (Chinese: 睿触科技) completed a Series A+ round of financing worth tens of thousands of million USD in late June, with Walden International (Chinese: 华登国际) as the exclusive investor. Founded in 2019, Smart Touch is a surgical robot company integrating R&D, production and sale. The company was established to focus on cancer surgery and treatment and to provide hospitals with more precise, fast and safe early cancer screening percutaneous puncture surgery robots.


ArtechMed (Chinese: 安钛克医疗) completed its Series C funding round, which totaled nearly CNY 100 million in mid June. Zhangkeherunfund (Chinese: 张科禾润基金) led this round of funding, which is followed by Huangpufund (Chinese: 黄埔医药基金) and Sunland Fund (Chinese: 山蓝资本). Follow-up investments were also made by Dingxin Capital (Chinese: 鼎心资本 ). Founded in 2017, ArtechMed is a manufacturer of atrial fibrillation minimally invasive surgery equipment. The company's mission is to conduct research and develop medical devices for the minimally invasive interventional treatment of atrial fibrillation.

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Degron Therapeutics

Degron Therapeutics (Chinese: 达歌生物医药) announced its completion of the Series A financing round worth USD 22 million in early June. The round was led by Med-Fine Capital (Chinese: 幂方健康基金), with participation from DYEE Capital (Chinese: 德屹资本), Baidu Venture and Xinhang Capital (Chinese: 芯航资本). Investors from its Seed funding including Co-win Ventures (Chinese: 东凯风创投) and Bio Venture (Chinese: 元生创投) also participated in this deal. Founded in 2021, Degron Therapeutics focuses on developing small molecule molecular glue degrader (MGD) drugs which are able to induce targeted protein degradation without developing resistance in the patients.


Topgen (Chinese: 鼎晶生物) completed the Series D1 round of financing worth over CNY 100 million in early June. This funding round was jointly invested by CAS Holdings (Chinese: 国科联动), Chuangda Funeng (Chinese: 创达富能), Sanya Yazhouwan Venture Capital (Chinese: 三亚崖州湾创业投资有限公司) and Changshi (Sanya) Venture Capital (Chinese: 长石(三亚)创业投资). Founded in 2012, Topgen is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, and sale of technologies and products in precision medicine.  Topgen provides services for early cancer screening, concomitant medication, prognosis monitoring, and precise medication guidance for chronic diseases and infectious diseases.

Changjin Bio

Microbial protein synthesis firm Changjin Bio (Chinese: 昌进生物) completed the Series A financing round worth CNY 140 million (USD 20.93 million) in late June. The round was led by Bits x Bites (Chinese: 食芯资本), with the participation from Eight Roads (Chinese: 斯道资本), Sherpa Healthcare Partners (Chinese: 夏尔巴投资), Hillhouse Ventures Grand Flight (Chinese: 远翼资本) and Country Garden Venture Capital. Founded in 2017, Changjin Bio focuses on technology development, technical consulting, services and transfer, chemical raw materials and products in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology.

MegaRobo Technologies

MegaRobo Technologies (Chinese: 镁伽科技) announced its completion with the Series C financing round worth nearly CNY 300 millions on June 15. The round was led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management( Chinese: 高盛资产管理), Asia Investment Capital (Chinese: 亚投资本), and GGV Capital (Chinese: 纪源资本) , with the participation from Vation Ventures (Chinese: 创新工厂), Pavilion Capital (Chinese: 新加坡蘭亭投资), Starr Capital (Chinese: 史带资本 ), U-Member Capital (Chinese: 雨盟资本), RedView Capital (Chinese: 鸿为资本), Harvest Capital (Chinese: 园丰资本) and Taihe Capital (Chinese: 泰合资本). Founded in 2016, MegaRobo focuses on the R&D and application of robot and intelligent Internet of things. MegaRobo has applied for over 150 invention patents, which have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.


Eurekabio (Chinese: 深研生物) completed the Series B round of financing worth over CNY 100 million in late June. The round was led by Eight Roads (Chinese: 斯道资本), with the participation from Jiufeite Investment (Chinese: 玖菲特投资) and Juke Investment (Chinese: 钜科投资). Founded in 2014, Eurekabio focuses on the research and development of core technologies and processes in gene and cell therapy. The company provides comprehensive solutions for the cell and gene therapy industry through its strong interdisciplinary expertise and technological innovations.

Bangbang Robotics

Bangbang Robotics (Chinese: 邦邦机器人) announced the completion of a Series B financing worth nearly CNY 100 million in late June. The fund was jointly led by Lake Bleu Capital (Chinese: 清池资本) and BioTrack Capital (Chinese: 博远资本), followed by 01VC (Chinese: 零一创投) and the existing shareholder Long Hill Capital (Chinese: 长岭资本). Founded in 2016, Bangbang Robotics is one of the new generation brands included in the relevant recommended catalog in the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (Chinese: 中国残疾人联合会) and the Department of Labour. Many cities have also listed the company's product in the long-term care insurance. Bangbang’s products have been sold to nearly 20 countries over 5 continents.

General Biol

General Biol (Chinese: 通用生物), a one-stop biomedical service provider and raw material (nucleic acid-protein-antibody) producer, received CNY 100 million (USD 14.94 million) pre-IPO investment recently. This round of financing was led by Sinowisdom (Chinese: 华睿投资), followed by a government fund. Founded in 2014, General Biol is devoted to providing biotechnology products and R&D outsourcing services. Its business covers basic life science research, preclinical biopharmaceutical discovery, vaccine, nucleic acid drug and gene therapy research and development, and raw material for in vitro diagnostic product development.

Insilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine (Chinese: 英矽智能), a clinical-stage end-to-end AI driven drug discovery company, announced its completion with a Series D financing round worth USD 60 million in early June. The round was invested by an asset management firm on the US West Coast and BHR Partners (Chinese: 渤海华美) , with the participation from Warburg Pincus (Chinese: 华平投资), B Capital Group (Chinese: 波士顿投资), Qiming Venture Partners (Chinese: 启明创投), BOLD Capital Partners and Pavilion Capital (Chinese: 蘭亭投资). Insilico's founder and CEO, Alex Zhavoronkov, Phd, also invested in this round. Founded in 2014, Insilico is committed to accelerating drug discovery and development by leveraging the evolving, proprietary platform across biology, chemistry and clinical development. The company’s Pharma.AI platform has the potential to rapidly bring novel breakthrough medicines to patients while decreasing costs and increasing probabilities of success.


The biotech firm Longivitron (Chinese: 朗捷睿) completed an Angel round of financing, which totaled CNY 50 million (USD 7.46 million) recently. The round was led by West Fountain (Chinese: 万容红土), with the participation from Junshang Capital (Chinese: 君尚资本) and Yuanqu Science & Technology Fund (Chinese: 园区科创基金). Founded in 2020, Longivitron is committed to the development of novel metabolic checkpoint regulators. Its products focus on major chronic diseases closely related to metabolic checkpoints, including tumors, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, polyarteritis, and phlebitis.

Visum Pharmaceutical

Visum Pharmaceutical (Chinese: 华益泰康) announced its completion of a Series B+ financing round which worth nearly CNY 100 million in late June. This round was led by Hisoar (Chinese: 海翔药业). Founded in 2010, Visum is an integrated pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in research and development, production and marketing of high-quality oral solid dosage. The company is also committed to creating an international one-stop Contract Development Manufacture Organization (CDMO) platform with high quality. Currently 3 products manufactured by Visum are being marketed in US with total of more than 400 million tablets exported to the US market in 2021.