Toramon Technology Receive Tens of Million of CNY From Pre-A Financing Round

Automotive Author: Xiangqun Ji Editor: Ziying Wu Jul 26, 2022 02:37 PM (GMT+8)

Autonomous cars still can't mimic the most natural human collision prediction, now almost all the solutions are based on distance measurement, image recognition. This is important and necessary but it neglects the single most important part of real-world driving: our intuition.

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Toramon Technology (Chinese: 哆来目科技), dedicated to providing innovative artificial intelligence sensing solutions of high performance and low cost for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, has completed its Series Pre-A funding round and received tens of millions of CNY.

The fund was injected into Toramon by Green Pine Capital Partners (Chinese: 松禾资本). According to Toramon’s statement, the fund will be used for hiring more talents, R&D, and product commercialization.

 Public information shows that the company was established in 2016. Yan Liu, the CEO and founder of Toramon, achieved a Ph.D. degree in the field of optics and precision instruments at Chongqing University.

 According to the report from 36 Kr, Limeng Wang, the CTO of Toramon said that human eyes have two different sensory ways corresponding to two brain regions. One of the brain regions is to recognize obstacles while we driving, and another region is responsible for a sense of movement and space, people avoid obstacles by sensing intuition while they driving, according to research from Harvard University.

 Based on this theory, Toramon’s scientists and engineers developed a vision algorithm through a camera to simulate human eyes, making autonomous vehicles sense around just like a human does.