AI+Data Service Provider Lishiots Harvests CNY 111 Million in Series C

Technology Author: Yanbing Gao Aug 04, 2022 02:59 PM (GMT+8)

Lishiots, an agricultural and cultural data service provider, bags CNY 111 million (USD 16.43 million) in a Series C financing round, led by Yuhang Green Property Investment.

smart agri

Lishiots, a provider of AI+ data operations for smart agriculture and cultural tourism, announced the closing of a Series C financing round of CNY 111 million (USD 16.43 million), led by Yuhang Green Property Investment, with participation by Anji New Junyi Ruihong Equity Investment Partnership, Zhejiang Xingnong Venture Investment Partnership, Shaanxi Guanfeng Investment. The fund will be mainly used for R&D investment, project investment and attracting more talents. Meanwhile, Lishiots also officially announced that it has launched Pre-IPO financing, news portal reported.

Lishiots, founded in 2010, has focused on technology development and digital operation of cultural tourism and smart rural scenario application. It has been committed to empowering the traditional agricultural, cultural and tourism industries to achieve intelligent transformation, based on integrating AI, big data, the Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies. The company provides digital intelligence agriculture, culture and tourism solutions to governments at all levels, villages, scenic spots, and SMEs involved in agriculture and tourism. 

Now the market scale of the agricultural and cultural tourism industry is full of opportunities and is expected to bring trillions of income. But weaknesses of insufficient industry support, digital construction, innovation in products and lacking an overall plan have made the industry bottleneck more obvious. A digital reform is needed to change the current dilemma.

Lishiots has combined SaaS, industrial Internet and consumer Internet to plan, invest and operate in industries of agriculture, culture and tourism. It seems its efforts in past years have been harvested. Its international competitors include Ceres Imaging and Granular and domestic ones include Grand Tech (Chinese:国源科技), Zhongtian Zhongda Industrial (Chinese:中天众达) and XAG(Chinese:极飞科技).