QXP Tech Harvested CNY 350 Million in Pre-IPO Financing Round

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Aug 08, 2022 05:58 PM (GMT+8)

After years of development, QXP Tech has formed a comprehensive business model with the new material system as its core and chips, components and modules as end products.


Recently, QXP Tech (Chinese: 奇芯光电), a company devoted to large-scale photonic integrated circuits, completed its pre-IPO financing round worth CNY 350 million, invested by Shenzhen Toposcend Capital Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 投控东海), a subsidiary of Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 深投控).

According to Gengsheng Zhang, business partner of Shenzhen Toposcend Capital, QXP Tech enjoys great potential in terms of technological competitiveness and market share. The proceeds will be used to help the company improve the comprehensive performance and its industrialization capacity of silicon-based modified material system and establish a mass production platform for optoelectronic integration.

Founded in 2014, QXP Tech has established its core competence based on "two fusions": first, the cross-border fusion of new material system and semiconductor optoelectronic integrated chip, and second, the organic fusion of chip design, process research and product development.

The company can integrate silicon-based modified materials, optoelectronic chips, optical devices, modules and subsystems, which is a capacity rarely seen in the industry. Its silicon-based modified materials with independent intellectual property rights feature ultra-low loss, ultra-high coupling efficiency and ultra-high uniformity, bringing multiple advantages such as low cost, low power consumption, ultra-high integration scale and compatibility with the CMOS process.

At present, QXP is also developing detection and sensing products such as LIDAR and photonic gyro, which will be widely used in transportation, medical and intelligent manufacturing fields.

Its competitors include Youhang Technology (Chinese: 佑航科技), Xiehong Guangdian (Chinese: 协弘光电) and Qirui Semi (Chinese:启瑞半导体).