15 Companies to Watch in August 2022 – Emerging Technologies

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Sep 02, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+8)

Editor's note: We at EqualOcean tracked China’s major funding rounds or industry events that took place in emerging technologies in August 2022. And the following is a list of deals that we have selected for you, based on a number of criteria including the funding amount, the financial backers, and the segments in which the startups operate. The list is of no particular order.


1. Nreal

Nreal pocketed a strategic investment of USD 15 million from Gentle Monster in late August. The two companies are now exploring partnership opportunities to blur the boundaries of fashion and technology. The move comes as Nreal tries to attract more AR users across the globe. Based in Beijing, Nreal is an AR/MR equipment producer famous for consumer smart glasses. Its flagship product, Nreal light, is the first lightweight and comfortable mixed reality glasses, sporting a vivid display combined with spatial computing algorithms for an immersive experience.

2. Nuclei

Nuclei (Chinese: 芯来科技) raised hundreds of millions of CNY in Series D, led by Legend Capital (Chinese: 君联资本), with participation from several investors including Xianghui Capital (Chinese: 祥晖资本), Shougang Fund (Chinese: 首钢基金), C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment (Chinese: 建发新兴投资), and Accurate Capital (Chinese: 精确资本). Established in 2018, Nuclei is China's leading RISC-V embedded processor intellectual property vendor. The company has been promoting the localization of RISC-V CPU IP and all of its products have been applied in the mass production design of many customers

3. Reconova

Reconova (Chinese: 瑞为技术) attained hundreds of millions of CNY in Series D from Hongyu Capital (Chinese: 泓宇资本), China Cerchants Capital (Chinese: 招商局资本), SAIF Partners (Chinese: 赛富资本), Gentai Capital (Chinese: 景泰投资), and Gaolue Capital (Chinese: 高略资本). Reconova is a leading artificial intelligence company in China that provides cutting-edge visual perception solutions. 

4. Agilis Robotics

Agilis Robotics received USD 6 million in Series A from K2VC (Chinese: 险峰资本) and KIP. Agilis Robotics is a spin-off company from The University of Hong Kong that develops flexible robotic instruments for endoscopic surgery. The company's surgical robot prototype has been developed and can be used to assist surgeons in the examination or operation of the digestive tract system, and large bowel and bladder system, and to provide clinicians with enhanced robotic dexterity and precision while leveraging current clinical workflows.

5. Prismlab

Prismlab (Chinese: 普利生) netted CNY 200 million in Series C, invested by Jinyu Maowu (Chinese: 金雨茂物), BASF (Chinese: 巴斯夫创投) and QiMing Venture Partners (Chinese: 启明创投). Prismlab is a leading Chinese 3D printer manufacturer with proprietary 3D printing technologies, which are based on the photocuring of polymer formulations with Subpixel Micro Scan (SMS) technology that combines high exposure area with speed and accuracy. Its products are spread across over 50 countries and regions, including India, South Korea, Singapore, Germany and England.

6. MiraMEMS

MiraMEMS (Chinese: 明皜传感) bagged hundreds of millions of CNY in Series D from ORIZA Holdings (Chinese: 元禾控股), Yongxin Capital (Chinese: 永鑫资本), Zhidao Capital (Chinese: 致道资本) and Shangxin Capital (Chinese: 尚颀资本). MiraMEMS is the innovator and leader of MEMS technology in China. Their main products include accelerometers, gyros, pressure sensors, and magnetic sensors. With self-developed three-dimensional MEMS-CMOS manufacturing platform technology, it will build strategic partnerships with worldwide leading foundries, and establish MEMS device manufacturing industry standards.

7. Nano-Core Chip

Nano-Core Chip (Chinese: 微纳核芯) pocketed CNY 200 million in series A+ from Oriental Jiafu Asset Management (Chinese: 东方嘉富), Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group (Chinese: 联想创投) and ADDOR CAPITAL (Chinese: 毅达资本). Nano-Core Chip focuses on the research and development of ultra-low-power Internet of Things AIoT chips, ultra-low-power microcontroller chips, event-triggered AON chips and other products, serving the needs of consumer electronics, smart homes, wearable devices, automobiles, robots, drones and other industries. 

8. Supermind

Supermind (Chinese: 闪马智能) received CNY 400 million in series C from Linear Capital (Chinese: 线性资本), Guochuang Zhongding (Chinese: 国创中鼎), Haitong Originality Capital (Chinese: 海通创意资本), LTW Capital (Chinese: 朗泰资本), and Zhangjiang Group (Chinese: 张江集团). The proceeds will be mainly used for the continuous research and development of new products, the productization of the core system and the creation of the product operating system. Supermind, founded in 2019, has focused on video intelligent analysis and Spatio-temporal data management. It has launched city-level AI scenario solutions for urban space intelligent management.


9. Hygood

Hygood harvested CNY 300 million in series C+ from Haiwang Capital (Chinese: 海望资本). Established in 2008, Hygood is a company that is devoted to developing Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramics and components. Hygood becomes a famous Chinese company with cutting-edge technologies and the ability to produce and sell AlN ceramics on a large scale. Its products such as AlN substrates and components are widely applied in industrial areas of high-power IC, LED packages, RF/microwave communications, automotive electronics and image sensing.

10. 4U Tech

4U Tech (Chinese: 世优科技) closed the second phase of its Series A+ with over CNY 100 million, invested by Jetsen (Chinese: 捷成股份), TD Online (Chinese: 天地在线), Metaverse Fund 2 (Chinese: 元宇宙基金2号) and other two companies. Established in 2015, 4U Tech is a virtual technology supplier focusing on developing digital human and virtual content. Its core technology is the metaverse digital human technology and "Puppeteer Virtual Factory", a real-time rapid production system of virtual content.

11. HuaTech Semiconductor

HuaTech Semiconductor (Chinese: 华泰半导体) pocketed hundreds of millions of CNY in series A+, invested by Yuefeng Investment (Chinese: 跃风投资), Taifeng Shenghe (Chinese: 泰丰盛合), SUNIC Capital (Chinese: 临芯投资), Current VC (Chinese: 凯盈资本), Guoxin Sichuang Investment (Chinese: 国新思创), Xinhenglida Capital (Chinese: 新恒利达) and Wenqin Capital (Chinese: 闻勤投资). Huatech Semiconductor is a non-manufacturing chip design company specializing in high-performance and high-quality analog IC designs. 

12. Sandtek

Sandtek (Chinese: 胜达克半导体科技) raised hundreds of millions of CNY in series B, invested by Hillhouse Capital (Chinese: 高瓴资本), Yongxin Capital (Chinese: 永鑫资本), and Hengyitai Capital (Chinese: 恒奕泰资本). Founded in 2016, Sandtek is a provider of semiconductor test services, offering solutions that meet digital, analog, and mixed signals test requirements. The company specializes in the development of ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) products, test cell integration applications and consulting services, providing clients with optimal solutions to improve their competitive advantages.

13. KiwiMoore

KiwiMoore (Chinese: 奇异摩尔) attained hundreds of millions of CNY in the Angel round from Huaqiang Jufeng (Chinese: 华强聚丰), STEP Holdings  (Chinese: 创业接力), CASSTAR (Chinese: 中科创星), Junsan Capital (Chinese: 君盛投资), Fosun Capital (Chinese: 复星创富) and Chaoke Investment (Chinese: 潮科投资). Kiwimoore is a provider of advanced packaging chiplet technology for its customers. The company's intelligent integrated silicon substrate can connect homogeneous or heterogeneous chiplets with more flexibility, higher performance, and smaller size.

14. Kinsun New Energy

Kinsun New Energy (Chinese: 金晟新能源) harvested hundreds of millions of CNY in Series B, invested by GAC Capital (Chinese: 广汽资本), China Capital Investment Group (Chinese: 中金资本), Fosun RZ Capital (Chinese: 复星锐正), CCT Fund (Chinese: 国调基金) and Publics Venture Capital (Chinese: 国民创投). Located in Guangzhou, Kinsun New Energy is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in manufacturing solar photovoltaic products. Its products include solar panels, flexible solar panels, solar PV systems, solar street lights, solar fans, solar controllers &inverters, solar batteries, solar water pumps and so on.

15. Acchrom Tech

Acchrom Tech (Chinese: 华谱科仪) raised hundreds of millions of CNY in the Angel round, invested by SDIC Unity Capital (Chinese: 国投创合), CD Capital (Chinese: 辰德资本), and BioTrack Capital (Chinese: 博远资本). The proceeds will be used to improve the company's capacity to provide clients with overall chromatography solutions. Founded in 2015, Acchrom Tech has established a rich product matrix for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC). Besides, it has a full range of detectors to meet clients' needs.