Forklift Producer Tuskrobot Harvests Hundreds of Millions of CNY in 3 Funding Rounds

Technology Author: Yanbing Gao Sep 05, 2022 12:30 PM (GMT+8)

Tuskrobot, an unmanned forklift producer, received hundreds of millions of CNY in three financing rounds, invested by Engage Capital, ZhenFund and 01VC.


Tuskrobot (Chinese:塔斯克TUSK), an unmanned forklift producer, completed hundreds of millions of CNY in three financing rounds, invested by Engage Capital, ZhenFund and 01VC. The fund will be mainly used for product development, team building and marketing, news portal reported.

Tuskrobot, founded in 2021, focuses on pallet handling and has launched a revolutionary intelligent pallet robot, which is applied to medicine, electronics, auto parts, tobacco, chemical industry, supermarket, shoes and clothing, e-commerce and other fields, providing enterprises with efficient and safe handling solutions and helping with intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing.

The first half of the year saw an overall downturn in the capital markets. However, forklift producers have gained appreciation and attention from investors. The advent of Industry 4.0 and the wave of smart manufacturing has made forklift design and production around the corner of transformation and upgrading. Besides, forklift trucks, the largest single tool in the industrial handling field, cannot be neglected. No matter whether producers, customers, or investors are pursuing better solutions.

Unlike other unmanned forklifts on the market, Tuskrobot combines the functionality of AGV-shaped robots with unmanned forklifts, which is completely different from traditional forklifts. The overall height of the TUSK forklift does not exceed 150mm and is designed into a thin and light chassis form with more stable loading capability. It can also be used in narrow alleyways and aisles with widths down to 1.3m.

Other competitors in forklift production include Linde, Toyota, Longking (Chinese:龙工), LiuGong  (Chinese:柳工) and HELI (Chinese:合力).