Semiconductor Company Isabers Harvests CNY 200 Million in Series A++

Technology Author: Yanbing Gao Sep 08, 2022 03:21 PM (GMT+8)

Isabers, a semiconductor heterogeneous integration technology company, completes a Series A++ funding round worth nearly CNY 200 million (USD 28.74 million), jointly invested by several institutions.


Isabers (Chinese:青禾晶元), a semiconductor heterogeneous integration technology company, announced the closing of a Series A++ financing round of nearly CNY 200 million (USD 28.74 million). The fund will be mainly used for developing new production lines and expanding production, news portal reported.

This round of financing was jointly invested by Beijing Integrated Circuit Advanced Chip Equity Investment Center, SunGrow, Beijing Futian Industrial Investment Holding Group, CCB Trust and Wofo Capital. This is also the fourth round of financing completed by the company within a year.

Founded in 2020, Isabers is a provider of advanced semiconductor integration technology and products, which can achieve inter-generational fusion of semiconductor materials and advanced packaging, and can effectively solve the pain points of low yield, high cost and limited performance of advanced semiconductor materials or devices, thus accelerating the development of the domestic semiconductor industry and quickly seizing the strategic high ground of international market competition.

Semiconductor heterogeneous integration technology is one of the key ways to bypass Moore's Law. This technology integrates compound semiconductor high-performance devices or chips from different process nodes, silicon-based low-cost highly integrated devices or chips (both including optoelectronic devices or chips), with passive components (including MEMS) or antennas to achieve integrated circuits or systems through heterogeneous bonding or epitaxial growth.

Other competitors in this field include Intel, Nvidia, Liufang Tech(Chinese:六方科技), JCET (Chinese:长电科技), HT-Tech(Chinese:华天科技).