Auto Parts Supplier Ziezone Received Tens of Mns of CNY in Round B Financing

Automotive Author: Contributor, Wenqing Zou Editor: Huilin Zhou Sep 19, 2022 05:58 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, the Shanghai-based auto parts supplier Ziezone completed its B round of equity financing of tens of millions of CNY.

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Recently, Shanghai Ziezone Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 上海驰助汽车零部件有限公司) has secured a B round financing worth tens of millions of CNY, which is expected to be used in product R&D, manufacturing and business expansion. Guiyang Venture Capital (Chinese: 贵阳创投) led this round of financing, and Huas Capital (Chinese: 华势资本) served as the financial advisor.

Ziezone, founded in 2015, is an automotive pre-installed intelligent component supplier, currentlymainly providing auto electric tailgate systems, electric side suction door systemsand, scissor door systemsand other products. At present, Ziezone is supplying its electric tailgate system to many well-known car enterprises including SAIC, Chery, Lincoln, and Volkswagen. ZiezoneIthas become one of the Tier 1 suppliers in the Chinese auto pre-installed market.

Electric auto door configuration can greatly improve the car owners' intelligent experience, and is also a common configuration of middle and high-end automotive products. However, Chinese domestic electric door market is still mainly occupied by foreign brands. In 2020, three foreign suppliers, namelyMagna, Stabilus, and Edscha,these three foreign suppliers, haveoccupied more than 70% of the China’sese electric door market. Meanwhile, as the development of thenew energy industry drives the intelligent configuration market sink, domestic electric door suppliers may usher in a new era.

Ziezone’s major shipments arespecializes in theelectric tail door systems, and thecorresponding electric poles, drive motors, control algorithms andother related platforms. Baseding on these technical platforms, Ziezone is alsoexpanding to the whole field of automotive intelligent opening-and-closing area, including electric side door, side sliding door, and scissor door.