GETECH Raises Hundreds of Mns of CNY from Series B Funding Round

Technology Author: Qinqie He Nov 06, 2022 10:45 AM (GMT+8)

GETECH is a high-end enterprise focusing on intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet. It recently completed a Series B funding round worth hundreds of millions of CNY, led by SAIC Group.


GETECH (Chinese: 格创东智), an innovative technology company, aims to bring true digital transformation to the Semiconductor industry. It recently completed a Series B funding round worth hundreds of millions of CNY, led by SAIC Group, with participation by HENGXU CAPITAL and Boc&gfih Private Equity Fund Management. GETECH Tech will use the capital to refine existing AI products, R&D investment on CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System) products and consolidate the leading position in the market.

Founded in 2018,GETECH focuses on intelligent manufacturing upgrading for the semiconductor industry. Its intelligent CIM products have been adopted in several semiconductor factories, enabling fewer human errors, more strict production management, and reduced customer manufacturing costs.

GETECH’s CIM products could be divided into three categories: production control, equipment management and quality optimization, including MES (manufacturing execution system), EAP (equipment automation system), APS (advanced scheduling system), RMS (recipe management system), FDC (equipment fault detection and classification system), APC (advanced process control system), RCM (equipment remote control system), YMS (yield management system), SPC (statistical process control), QMS (quality management system) and LIMS (laboratory information management system).

 GETECH has more than 1,500 employees scattered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Beijing and Tianjin. GETECH has served nearly 20,000 customers, and more than 50 intelligent manufacturing factories are built with the company's help. Some well-known customers include China Star Optoelectronics Technology company, HUAHONG GROUP and ASML Holding.

 GETECH’s competitors include WORKERBASE, SkAD Labs, arculus, CT Infotech and TREE-TOWER.