15 Companies to Watch in January 2023 — Technology

Technology Author: Qinqie He Feb 01, 2023 11:43 AM (GMT+8)

Editor's note: We at EqualOcean tracked the major funding rounds and industry events in China's technology space in January 2023. And the following is a list of deals we have selected for you, based on several criteria, including the funding amount, financial backers, and the segments in which the companies operate.


Yuxin Electronic Technology

Yuxin Electronic Technology(Chinese: 上海裕芯电子科技) announced that the company accomplished the series B+ round of financing, led by Shanghai Free Trade Zone Equity Fund Management (Chinese:自贸区基金). The funds raised will be primarily used for the company's R&D activities and further expansion of Yuxin Electronic Technology's sales scope.


GeoforceChip (Chinese: 浙江地芯引力科技有限公司) recently announced the completion of nearly CNY 200 million in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by CETC Fund (Chinese: 中电基金). Co-investors include Hangzhou Chengtou Funding Investment Management (Chinese: 杭州城投富鼎) and Ever State Capital (Chinese: 恒邦资本), Huayi Ventures (Chinese: 华义创投), Huazhi Rongke (Chinese: 华智融科), Prospect Bridge Asset Management (Chinese: 远桥资产), Caitong Capital (Chinese: 财通资本), and the existing investor Qianhai Guotai Fund (Chinese: 前海国泰基金) will continue to make additional investments. The funds raised will be primarily used for accelerating its deployment in industrial, energy storage, new energy and other application fields and exploring mid-to-high-end market opportunities.


InterBio (Chinese: 英柏生物) is a developer of bioanalytical instrumentation software and hardware, designed for optical surface plasmon resonance technology. It announced that it successfully completed its pre-A round of financing without specifying the amount raised. This investment was led by Jintan Capital (Chinese: 金坛资本) The funds raised will be primarily used for the R&D of products, marketing and hiring of InterBio 's technical team.

Ronghai Network

Zhejiang Ronghai Network Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Ronghai Network") (Chinese: 浙江融海网络科技有限公司) announced the completion of its CNY tens of millions of Pre-A round financing, which was invested by led by Wanlu Capital (Chinese: 万漉资本), followed by the founding shareholders. The funds will be used for platform construction and market expansion. Among them, Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi will be the key development provinces in the next step. 


Smart travel service provider Xiaoluyun (Chinese: 小鹭云) has recently completed a new round of financing of nearly CNY 10 million. The funding is a joint investment from old shareholders and individual investors. This round of financing will be used to construct the operating system and develop overseas markets. The company completed its first round of financing of CNY 10 million in January 2022 invested by CVIT Capital (Chinese: 工信资本).

Xiopm Space

Xiopm Space (Chinese: 中科西光航天), China's first commercial space company to develop a constellation of fully independent hyperspectral remote sensing satellites, announced that it had raised nearly CNY 100 million in Series A. The investors include capitech(Chinese:西安高新技术产业风险投资), Chengdu Capital Group(Chinese: 成都科创投集团), Xi’an Finance investment Management(Chinese: 西安财金科创天使基金), and Hainan Xuanyou Private Fund Management (Chinese: 海南煊佑私募基金). Proceeds raised in this financing round will be mainly used in the development of products as well as production line planning.

Dream Blossom Technology

Beijing Dream Blossom Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 北京梦想绽放科技有限公司) officially changed its name to "Qingdao Dream Blossom Technology Co., Ltd." (Chinese: 青岛梦想绽放科技有限公司), and announced that it has received CNY 400 million in Series C financing, which was jointly invested by Qingdao Economic Control Group (Chinse: 青岛经控集团) and Zhenzhi Capital (Chinese: 真知资本).The funds raised will be used to support the business layout and market expansion.


TURINGO(Chinese: 图灵量子), a leading company in the industrialization of optical quantum chips and optical quantum computing in China, announced that it has raised hundreds of millions in Series A funding. The investment was led by the "national team" EIIF (Chinese: 中国互联网投资基金), followed by Tsinghua Holdings Capital (Chinese: 华控基金), Shanghai Orient Securities Innovation Investment(Chinese: 东证创新), Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group(Chinese:联想创投). Proceeds from this round of funding will primarily be used to build capacity for the mass production of chips, develop technology for full-stack products, and promote industrialization for industrial applications.


YAOYU(Chinese: 耀宇视芯)  is one of the few companies in China with the independent design of XR device chips and comprehensive interaction algorithms. The company recently announced that it has raised tens of millions of CNY in angel round investment. The investment was jointly led by Creation Venture(Chinese:创享投资) and Focustar Capital(Chinese:星纳赫资本), followed by listed company HUITONGDA(Chinses:汇通达) and Sinowisdom(Chinese:华睿资本), with additional investment from original shareholders Wisemen Capital(Chinese:永圣资本) and Ralph(Chinese:拉尔夫创投). Proceeds raised in this financing round will be mainly used for R&D investment in interaction algorithms and chips, product matrix layout, market expansion and team expansion. This is the second round of financing completed by YAOYU within one year of its establishment.

Percipio. xyz

Percipio. xyz, an independent vendor of 3D machine vision solutions and an industry-leading provider of 3D cameras, closed its Series C financing on January 30th, 2023. The investment was led by China Development Bank Capital (Chinese:国家开发银行). Proceeds raised in this financing round will be used primarily to expand the market size and leadership of Percipio. xyz and to expand into international markets.

Xinxin Technology

Xinxin Technology  (Chinese: 信芯科技)  focuses on the design and development of millimeter wave integrated circuit (MMIC) chips. It announced the completion of its Angle round of financing exceeding CNY 10 million, which was led by Essential Capital (Chinese: 元航资本克).The fund will be used for product R&D, capacity building and market expansion, further strengthening the company's product and research advantages and also promoting the company's development in MMIC chips.


Semiconductor assembly and packaging provider Capcon (Chinese:华封科技) closed its B+ round of financing, which was led by Shenzhen Cowin Asset Management (Chinese: 同创伟业), followed by Hillhouse Capital Group (Chinese: 高瓴资本), and 尚颀资本(Chinese: 尚颀资本). The funds raised will be used for the company's talent acquisition in various R&D activities, market expansion and project construction.

Easy 3D Made

3D printing solutions provider Easy 3D Made (Chinese:易制科技) announced its completion of B-round financing, led by Hengqin Heshijia (Chinese: 横琴合世家), Horus Capital (Chinese: 华耀资本) and New World Development (Chinese: 新世界集团). The company specializes in developing advanced 3D printing products, and key features include selective laser sintering, fuse deposition molding, thin laminate manufacturing and projection light curing, providing high-quality 3D printing solutions for various industries.

Snow Lake Technology

Chip company Snow Lake Technology (Chinese: 雪湖科技) announced its completion of a strategic investment, which was led by VANJEE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (Chinese: 万集科技). The company focuses on chip production and software algorithms for artificial intelligence, financial computing, industrial control and other fields, aiming to provide accelerators and servers to clients.

Dinho Technology

Dinho Technology (Chinese: 顶皓新材) is a technology-driven company striving to provide the world’s most advanced coating materials designed for lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.It recently announced that the company successfully raised tens of millions of CNY from series A-round financing, led by Zheshang Venture Capital (Chinese: 浙创投). The investment will be used for the construction of the Zhejiang Changxing intelligent production base.