Youhualin clients for being selected into "Lighthouses of Manufacturing."

Technology Author: Yongqian Yang, Qinqie He Feb 02, 2023 04:34 PM (GMT+8)

Congratulations to Youhualin clients for being selected into "Lighthouses of Manufacturing."


Since 2016, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been transforming global production. In such an era dominated by emerging technologies, companies create, integrate, apply and expand digital influence in new ways.

The "Lighthouses of Manufacturing" selection is a World Economic Forum initiative in collaboration with McKinsey & Company and is one of the most influential selections with the highest threshold in the field of advanced manufacturing in the world. The selected factories represent the highest level of intelligent manufacturing and digitalization in today's global manufacturing industry and are role models for developing advanced global manufacturing. Therefore, the "lighthouses of manufacturing" list is also known as "the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world."

A few days ago, the World Economic Forum announced that its global "Lighthouse Factory" network has added 18 new factories and has now absorbed 132 leading manufacturing companies. Each selected lighthouse factory has uniquely integrated Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, from artificial intelligence and robotics to cloud computing, big data, and more. Along the way, all Lighthouse factories demonstrate how to increase productivity and worker motivation, reduce emissions and increase supply chain resilience.

Two of Youhualin's (Chinese: 悠桦林) in-depth cooperation customer factories, Haier (Hefei) (Chinese: 海尔(合肥)) and Unilever (Tianjin) (Chinese: 联合利华(天津)), have successfully entered the list of newly added "Lighthouses of Manufacturing. " 

Unilever (Tianjin, China): Having navigated COVID-19 uncertainties in the catering industry in the past three years, Unilever accelerated market penetration in low-tier cities by deploying over 30 Fourth Industrial Revolution use cases, such as tailor-made 24/7 digital selling, optimal end-to-end advanced planning, and AI-enabled quality control. As a result, the number of customers served doubled, order-to-delivery lead time shrank by 40%, and customer complaints fell by 62%.

Haier (Hefei, China): Facing challenges in product diversity, time-to-delivery, and quality due to supplier base expansion, the site deployed 18 different Fourth Industrial Revolution use cases across their supply network, R&D, manufacturing, and customer services, leveraging their bespoke IIoT platform designed to accelerate at-scale deployment of AI, machine vision, and Advanced Analytics. Doing so reduced order lead time and lowered on-site defect rates by 33%.

The new cohort of lighthouses announced share a common trait of strategic focus. They are all recognizing the need to scale advanced technology throughout their operations. Intelligent decision-making technology is crucial for the lighthouse factories to take the lead in meeting the opportunities and challenges of the new era. Congratulations again to Youhualin clients for being awarded the lighthouse status, and we are looking forward to continuing working with them on the way to advancement.