RoboticPlus Named to the "High Growth Future Unicorn List" for 2022

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 15, 2023 10:57 PM (GMT+8)

On March 13, The First New Voice (Chinese:第一新声) and TianYanCha(Chinese:tian'yan天眼查) jointly announced the 2022 annual list of China's high-tech high-growth companies, RoboticPlus(Chinese:大界机器人) was selected as one of the "high-growth future unicorn companies".


The annual list is based on the advantages of big data of TianYanCha, and through various ways such as research questionnaires, telephone interviews and enterprise research, collect data information submitted by enterprises, and invite experts such as CXO executives of A-side enterprises, industry experts and executives of partners of first-tier investment institutions to serve as judges, focusing on "high-tech, high-growth", from business data, financial data, product capability, service capability, market influence and other multi-dimensional selection of the list, and finally selected the corresponding list.

Since its establishment, RoboticPlus has been committed to attack from the underlying technology to build the independent and controllable industrial software RoBIM, which has the core advantages of digital twin intelligent algorithm, diversified graphic library process library and low-code human-machine interaction interface, providing intelligent construction solutions from "design-production-construction" for the construction industry through data-driven intelligent production of industrial robots.

With the continuous development of RoBIM software platform and algorithms, RoboticPlus also gradually enables the intelligent manufacturing of high-end equipment in the industrial field, providing solutions for equipment renovation and technological transformation for discrete manufacturing enterprises such as coal machinery, construction machinery, ships and bridges through software and hardware system integration technology.

Recently, Meng Hao, the founder & CEO of RoboticPlus, was invited to attend the 13th China Ship and Offshore Engineering Welding Technology Development Forum and delivered a keynote speech, introducing RoboticPlus, based on the core industrial software RoBIM, deeply integrated with the process experience of the shipbuilding industry, deeply cultivated the algorithms of geometric model, robot-free planning, 3D vision, etc., and broke through the traditional schematic teaching, RRoboticPlus, based on the core industrial software RoBIM, deeply integrates the process experience of marine industry, deeply cultivates the algorithms of geometric model, free planning and 3D vision, breaks through the technical bottleneck of traditional teaching, off-line programming and parametric programming, realizes the one-key operation of welding and cutting robots, and vigorously introduces intelligent solutions in the process areas of bevel cutting, bevel grinding and profile cutting, which continuously supports the lean management, digital transformation and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the marine industry.

In the future, RoboticPlus will continue to develop and innovate RoBIM software to build a great tool of the country to support the development of modern industrial system and promote the construction of a strong manufacturing country.