XR Service Company GHZ-Tech Nets more than 10 Mn in Angel Round

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 29, 2023 12:31 AM (GMT+8)

The strongest demand for XR industrial applications at this stage is in the fields of cultural tourism exhibition and education, while the demand in the industrial field is increasing because certain scenes or processes in the industrial field can also be standardized.

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GHZ-Tech(Chinese: 极赫科技), as a company focusing on XR technology, 5G technology and high-precision positioning technology, has recently completed a CNY 10 million angel round of financing, which was exclusively invested by Wanlu Investment(Chinese: 万漉资本), which is also the first time that GHZ-Tech has received institutional investment. The main investment direction of Wanlu Investment is in various segments of China's digital economy, and was once the early investment institution of the famous Chinese e-commerce SaaS unicorn company JushuiTan (Chinese: 聚水潭). After the completion of this round of financing, the funds will mainly be used for the in-depth research and development of the company's technology, the promotion of the company's core product MR Platform(Chinese: 神霄平台) and the improvement of the product structure.

Since its establishment, GHZ-Tech has been developing customized projects for 5G+MR scenes, mainly in the fields of culture and tourism, education, industry, etc. In 2021, the team started to focus on the development of "platform" products, and officially launched the MR platform at AWE Asia in August 2022, providing customers with an efficient one-stop zero-code XR scene creation tool platform. As an integrated content ecology platform, the MR platform provides solutions for cultural tourism, education, industry and other industries based on JIHU's point cloud map, high-precision fusion positioning, 5G cloud-side collaboration, cloud rendering and other core technologies, such as MR Navigator intelligent cultural tourism guide platform, MR Class intelligent classroom teaching platform, MR Space spatial collaboration platform, MR Space spatial collaboration platform and MR Space spatial collaboration platform.

In the future, GHZ-Tech plans to expand its staff and further optimize the platform's algorithmic capabilities and cloud service performance. The company has emphasized the lightness and standardization of the MR platform, but this does not mean that the MR platform is a very simple product. On the contrary, based on the company's core algorithms and technical advantages, the MR platform can better meet customers' individual needs, help channel operators and partners to expand the XR industrial application market with lower cost and higher efficiency, and take the first-mover advantage in the market competition.

According to market research firm IDC, the size of IT-related spending in the XR market in China is expected to be about $2.13 billion in 2021, and is expected to increase to $13.08 billion by 2026. With the increasing number of XR landing scenarios and rising demand, XR applications will have a wide growth space in the future.

GHZ-Tech's competitors include MEIG(Chinese: 美格智能), ThunderSoft(Chinese: 中科创达) and KEYENCE(Chinese: 基恩士).