New-energy Semiconductor Company GreenGuradee Nets More than 10 Mn in Series A

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 17, 2023 05:40 PM (GMT+8)

Along with the urgent needs of the current energy transformation, China's photovoltaic power generation market has stepped into a high-speed development track. According to CPIA data, the annual output of all segments of the photovoltaic industry chain hit a new record high in 2022, with national polysilicon, wafer, cell and module output growing by more than 55% year-on-year, and the total industry output value exceeding RMB 1.4 trillion.

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GreenGuardee(Chinese: 绿人科技), an independent R&D manufacturer of semiconductor photoelectric conversion materials, announced the completion of tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing, this round of investment was exclusively invested by Guoke Anfu Fund, a subsidiary of CAS Capital, whose backers include CAS Capital, Lianhong Group and other industrial institutions.

It is reported that this round of financing funds will be mainly used for product development, capacity enhancement and market expansion. greenGuardee's new financing round has been launched, with Junhai Capital as its exclusive financial advisor.

GreenGuardee is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of semiconductor optoelectronic materials. Headquartered in Beijing, GreenGuardee has a synthetic material base in Handan, Hebei and a terminal material base in Pizhou, Jiangsu, forming a development pattern of two wings.

In the field of OLED display, photovoltaic power generation and semiconductor lithography, photoelectric conversion materials are the core link, which directly determines the efficiency of photoelectric conversion and the product performance of end devices. After more than 10 years of accumulation and development, GreenGuardee has completed important accumulation and many breakthroughs in the field of semiconductor photoelectric conversion. At present, the company has applied for 85 invention patents, 33 authorized patents and international PCT patents, covering the fields of OLED display materials and devices, new energy materials and semiconductor materials and devices.

In terms of product layout, GreenGuardee's main products of OLED display materials include OLED front-end materials and OLED light-emitting materials. Among them, OLED light-emitting materials are independently developed by GreenGuardee, mainly red light-emitting materials, green light-emitting materials and charge-generating layer materials, with excellent device performance. They are actively expanding the application of well-known domestic and foreign OLED panel companies.

In the new energy field, GreenGuardee's self-developed photovoltaic OPA materials are at the forefront of commercialization and have passed the pilot batch verification. Meanwhile, GreenGuardee has achieved milestones in calcium-titanium oxide transport materials and applied for related patent pools.

GreenGuardee said: In the future, it will rely on its core technology accumulation and leading edge in semiconductor photoelectric conversion to vigorously explore key areas such as OLED display, new energy and semiconductor, and strive to promote China's photoelectric conversion materials to the international advanced level.

GreenGuardee's competitors include HSPhotonics (Chinese: 匯思光电), Sanan (Chinese: 三安光电) and Ledteen (Chinese: 硅人光电).