Grinding/Polishing Robot Company KAANH Nets Nearly CNY 100 Million in Series A

Technology, Industrials Author: Yunfeng Zhang Aug 08, 2023 05:22 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that KAANH(Chinese: 佳安智能), a grinding and polishing robot company, has closed a new round of Series A financing of nearly CNY100 million.


Founded in July 2018, KAANH is a high-tech company focused on the research, development, production and sales of robotic intelligent grinding and polishing workstations and core components. Through its self-developed machine-human control system, intelligent grinding and polishing software, and continuously accumulated process database, it has solved the challenges of automated grinding of various types of complex curved parts, including blades.

Grinding, polishing, and deburring as key processes in industrial manufacturing is the core link to determine the surface quality of the product. This production link covers industries as large as high-speed railways, aircraft, ships, automobiles, machinery and equipment, and as small as home appliances, 3C, toys, hardware, etc., with trillion-dollar market demand.

In the past, the grinding and polishing process relies heavily on manual labor, resulting in low efficiency, poor consistency of processing quality, high comprehensive costs and a number of problems; in addition, grinding and polishing process workers holding heavy grinding and polishing tools for high-intensity repetitive work, as well as noise, dust is very easy to lead to occupational diseases, which in the long run leads to recruitment difficulties are becoming increasingly prominent.

In recent years, the demand for robotic grinding and polishing equipment is growing rapidly. According to relevant data, the current market size of China's robotic grinding and polishing equipment reached more than 20,000 units, the next three years, the number of robotic intelligent grinding and polishing equipment will be more than 50,000 units, an average growth rate of more than 35%.

However, it is not easy to develop and market high-quality grinding and polishing robots. According to Pan Yang, founder of KAANH, the grinding and polishing robot R & D threshold is high because it involves surface precision machining, not only the error tolerance is low, but also the robot positioning accuracy, force control stability and speed controllability and other aspects of extremely strict requirements.

KAANH has developed a series of basic core technologies for grinding and polishing robots. Through its self-developed robot sensor system, intelligent grinding and polishing CAM software, and continuously accumulated process database, it has successfully solved the problems of automated grinding of all kinds of complex curved parts, including blades;

In addition, the self-developed robot's high-speed dynamics engine, compared with the traditional calculation speed is 10 times higher. To this end, based on this engine, KAANH has developed a series of core products with industry benchmark value - robot grinding and polishing workstations, robot electronic control cabinets and six-dimensional force sensors, etc., which can be widely used in a variety of fields and scenarios, such as grinding, polishing, deburring, assembly and so on.

KAANH has completed 4 rounds of financing, and the investment institutions include Fortune Capital(Chinese: 达晨财智), Shunwei Capital(Chinese: 顺为资本), HNLENS(Chinese: 蓝思科技)), Galileo Capital(Chinese: 伽利略资本), and so on. The proceeds of the funding will be used to develop new products and improve delivery efficiency. In the future, KAANH will continue to increase its investment in product development, strengthen its self-control technology capability, and improve its operation management and delivery efficiency.