GravaStar For All: Unearthing the Sci-Fi 3C Trend

Technology Author: Qinqie He, Katherine Aug 08, 2023 07:44 PM (GMT+8)

GravaStar (Chinese: 重力星球), an emerging consumer brand, embraces the motto "GravaStar for All," dedicating itself to pioneering the realm of cutting-edge sci-fi 3C (Computer, Communication, and Consumer electronics) digital products.


Armed with innovative designs and exceptional product experiences, the brand has swiftly assumed the industry's leadership position. We had the privilege of interviewing Huang Yong, the founder, and CEO of GravaStar, who shared key strategies and future development plans that have propelled GravaStar to its premier standing in the industry.

Leading the Way with Innovation

When it comes to maintaining a leading position in the industry, Huang Yong emphasizes the core advantage of GravaStar's perpetual innovation. Whether in terms of exterior design or user experience, every GravaStar product boasts a captivating allure. While acknowledging the strong replicating capability of the Chinese market, which often results in imitations emerging shortly after the launch of new products, Huang Yong points out that their strategy involves rapid category transitions to avoid nurturing competitors.

"One of our strategies is swift category transitions," says Huang Yong. "For instance, we shifted from super audio earphones to the car adapter domain, making it challenging for most audio earphone competitors to keep pace with us. Simultaneously, we place great emphasis on educating user awareness within the private domain, providing top-quality content and services to capture their minds, thwarting competitors from poaching our resources or challenging our foothold in the consumers' hearts."

In response to replication issues within the industry, GravaStar still applies for patents to safeguard its products. However, Huang Yong candidly admits that eradicating counterfeits entirely remains challenging. Rather than solely relying on intellectual property rights, GravaStar emphasizes enhancing product strength and adheres to internationally acclaimed first-tier brand standards when selecting its supply chain, ensuring that product development and manufacturing levels stand on par with top-tier brands. The fusion of brand strength and product excellence has enabled GravaStar to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

"Our comprehensive profit margin is approximately 50%, encompassing both B2B and B2C aspects," reveals Huang Yong . GravaStar's profitability is substantial, providing them with a solid financial foundation for continuous investment in research and development as well as marketing endeavors.

GravaStar boasts numerous successful cases in the realm of pioneering sci-fi 3C digital products. For instance, their flagship earphone, P9 (pronounced similarly to "beer"), has captivated the attention of the younger generation with its unique design and innovative functionalities. P9 not only serves as a high-quality earphone but also doubles as a trendy necklace, featuring a metallic body that exudes a hardcore and cool appearance. Moreover, the earphones employ a lighter-like pop-up mechanism that users adore. Most surprisingly, GravaStar incorporated a bottle opener function, effectively integrating the product with the lifestyle of the youth and successfully elevating its market reputation. Despite having similar product capabilities as competing brands, P9's pricing is approximately three times that of domestic brands.

Preferred Choice of Young Male Users

Huang Yong reveals that GravaStar's target users primarily comprise young males aged 18 to 35. This focus stems from the fact that mecha-themed products resonate more with male consumers, and there are few brands in the 3C category dedicated to this style. GravaStar, however, centers its attention on this niche, successfully drawing in young users who have had a fondness for mecha-themed movies and games from an early age.

In catering to its youthful audience, GravaStar employs a diverse range of sales channels. They have established a presence in both domestic and international online and offline channels, including Tmall (Chinese: 天猫), (Chinese: 京东), Douyin (Chinese: 抖音), Xiaohongshu (Chinese: 小红书), as well as traditional stores, audio shops, and factory outlets. Furthermore, the brand places special emphasis on content marketing via toy channels and social media platforms. Through collaborations with local influencers, GravaStar infuses its products with emotions and values, establishing a unique brand identity that captures the attention of a considerable number of young consumers.

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Huang Yong underscores the importance of attracting target users through premium content, regardless of the channel used to acquire traffic. Traditional advertising models are less suitable for a brand with a clearly defined identity and a relatively fixed target audience, such as GravaStar. Given the innovative and trendy nature of GravaStar's products, content marketing proves more effective in engaging the target users on social media platforms. This strategy not only enhances brand exposure but also highlights the uniqueness and scarcity of their products.

The Untapped Potential of Overseas Markets

Huang Yong states that GravaStar has established cooperative relationships with stable local agents in over 50 countries. Particularly in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and Australia, they have achieved remarkable results. With overseas markets continually expanding, GravaStar's foreign sales are gradually surpassing domestic sales. Huang Yong firmly believes that the potential for GravaStar's development in overseas markets far exceeds that of the domestic market, with overseas sales potentially accounting for around 70% of total sales in the future. As such, GravaStar plans to increase its investments in overseas markets, focusing on key markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan. They intend to deploy smaller localized teams to aid in brand building, warehousing, after-sales services, and channel expansion.

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Despite the vast opportunities in overseas markets, GravaStar encountered challenges during its foray into international territories. Early on, they lacked substantial foreign trade experience, leading to certain detours. However, as the team matured and with the unique allure of their products and high-quality content marketing, GravaStar gradually secured a foothold in the overseas market. Addressing localization concerns, they actively collaborate with local influencers to build the brand and are progressively establishing their own team to enhance operational and data capabilities.

The Future of the Consumer Electronics Market

GravaStar closely monitors the developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-based drawing technologies. Huang Yong mentions that in recent months, AI drawing technology, such as MidJourney, has become immensely popular, an area of particular interest for him. GravaStar aspires to become a stylized C-brand and seeks to incorporate more increments in its future product design and content creation. In pursuit of this goal, they have organized numerous global competitions, such as drawing and mecha-themed co-creation contests. Leveraging AI as an auxiliary tool allows regular players to participate, providing users with diverse designs and products.

Regarding the trends in the consumer electronics market over the next 2-3 years, Huang Yong believes that differentiation in product experience and design will take the lead. In the past few years, design-driven brands in the consumer market have continually emerged and rapidly grown. Simultaneously, many traditional consumer 3C products have reached functional and technological bottlenecks, resulting in a plethora of homogenized products flooding the market. In order to maintain market share and competitiveness, brands are left with no choice but to compete by lowering prices. However, design-driven brands have brought new growth opportunities to technology, particularly in the form of differentiated experiences and design. Huang Yong emphasizes that future trends will be centered around catering to the needs of niche user groups, launching commercial experiences, and entirely novel product designs.

Apart from product design considerations, Huang Yong also addresses changes in demand across different consumer segments. He believes that economic downturns have minimal effects on high-end and low-end demand, but demand within the intermediate strata may rapidly decline. Consumers are more cautious in their choices, tending to opt for essential products or high-quality offerings. Simultaneously, he notes that demand for high-end consumer products still possesses growth potential. He cites examples such as the sales data for brands like Porsche, which continue to exhibit growth even during economic downturns. Hence, GravaStar strives to encompass both ends of the spectrum in its brand positioning, simultaneously introducing high-margin differentiated experience products and more accessible mass-market products to cater to diverse demographics.

Near the end of the interview, Huang Yong emphasizes that GravaStar has been refining its methodologies over the past three years. In the consumer market, establishing enduring brand competitiveness relies not solely on one or two products, particularly within the rapidly iterating 3C product landscape with numerous competitors. Thus, starting this year, GravaStar is accelerating its expansion into other categories and discovering new avenues that can bring significant growth to the brand, reaching untapped audiences. In the future, GravaStar will expedite the exploration of new categories and actively seek collaboration with partners within relevant industry chains. They aspire to involve product founders, factories, designers, and users passionate about 3C style through an open-platform approach to drive product and content innovation. Their motto "GravaStar for All" advocates market education and co-creation, paving the way for a broader, more boundless market.