Review: 10 Leading Chinese Companies in the Switching Mode Power Supply Sector

Technology Author: 亿欧全球 Aug 24, 2023 09:07 AM (GMT+8)

"Since the commencement of the 21st century ushered in the era of high-frequency switching, the power supply industry in China has gracefully transitioned into a phase of mature development, maintaining a steadfast trajectory of growth. The dimensions of China's power supply market have undergone a remarkable evolution, ascending from a valuation of 215.8 billion yuan in 2016 to an impressive 331.1 billion yuan in 2020.


Delta Electronics Electronics

In 1971, Delta Electronics was founded in Taipei, dedicated to providing global solutions in power management and thermal management. Its development in mainland China traces back to the Pearl River Delta Electronics region, with its earliest presence in 1992. Over the years, Delta Electronics's operations expanded progressively, encompassing research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. As of the end of 2022, Delta Electronics owns four major production bases in Dongguan, Guangdong; Wujiang, Jiangsu; Wuhu, Anhui; and Chenzhou, Hunan. It boasts more than 30 research centers and laboratories, over 2,300 R&D engineers, 68 operating centers, and a total workforce exceeding 40,000.

Relying on innovative technologies, Delta Electronics continually enhances its engineering R&D equipment and advanced testing instruments, consistently introducing efficient, energy-saving, and reliable products and solutions. While maintaining steady revenue growth, Delta Electronics actively pursues sustainable development. Committed to environmental protection, Delta Electronics focuses on managing energy at its operational sites to enhance energy efficiency. Through persistent efforts, Delta Electronics contributes tangibly to society and the environment, being selected for 12 consecutive years in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices'  World Index.  It earned dual  A  ratings in  Climate Change and  Water Security Management in the 2020 and 2022 CDP Global Environmental Disclosure Assessment, was recognized for six years as a supply chain participant leader, and consecutively placed in the top ten foreign enterprises in the  Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for eight years.

LITE-ON Technology

Founded in 1975, LITE-ON Technology is Taiwan's first publicly listed electronics company and a global leader in optoelectronic components and electronic key modules. In recent years, Lite-On has actively ventured into the smart industry, focusing on developing new business opportunities and products that cater to the needs of smart living and smart cities. Simultaneously, the company strategically positions itself in fields like cloud computing, optoelectronic semiconductors, automotive electronics, 5G, and AIoT. Leveraging its extensive industry experience, agile global supply chain management, and diversified overseas presence, Lite-On has become the preferred partner for global clients in smart technology innovation and applications.

Over the past 40 years, Lite-On's products have been widely applied in cloud computing, automotive electronics, optoelectronic semiconductors, 5G, AIoT, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. The company focuses on building competitive product advantages by integrating and managing a diverse product portfolio, optimizing resource allocation, and achieving sustained growth in revenue and profitability. Its primary operational strategy emphasizes enhancing asset utilization efficiency, employing smart manufacturing to optimize capacity and efficiency, promoting lean production improvements, and enhancing overall production processes and efficiency.


CHICONY ELECTRONICS, established in 1983 with its headquarters in Taipei, is an electronics company based in Taiwan. Its product lineup encompasses input devices (keyboards, wireless keyboards), power supplies, as well as digital imaging products (digital cameras, personal computer lenses, and digital camcorder lenses). It's also a renowned manufacturer of personal computers and notebook computer motherboards.

Currently, CHICONY ELECTRONICS has been included in the Taiwan Stock Exchange's  Taiwan Mid 100 Index  and has been listed as one of the top 100 manufacturing companies in Taiwan for three consecutive years by CommonWealth Magazine. The company's headquarters were originally located in the New Taipei Industrial Park (formerly Wugu Industrial Zone) and were relocated to the CHICONY ELECTRONICS Headquarters Building in Sanchong District in late 2016.

The company established factories in locations including Suzhou and Dongguan in mainland China as well as Chongqing and the Czech Republic in 2006. By 2009, its business points had expanded not only across Taiwan but also included countries and regions such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the UK, and the US.

AcBel Polytech  

Founded in 1981, AcBel Polytech covers three major business areas: power supply products, intelligent green energy services, and electric power solutions. Its power supply product line includes consumer power supplies and enterprise power supplies, widely applied in fields such as personal computers, smart appliances, smartphones, servers, network communications, and medical equipment.

AcBel Polytech provides intelligent green energy services, spanning the construction of solar photovoltaic plants, the establishment of green energy platforms, the setup of smart meters and smart grids, and the provision of green energy supply services for corporate clients. The company aims to incorporate energy storage technology to achieve intelligent energy aggregation and scheduling, and diversified energy development. In recent years, leveraging decades of power supply expertise, AcBel Polytech has successfully entered the electric vehicle field, extending its application from vehicle interiors to exteriors. Collaborating closely with the local electric vehicle key component supply chain in Taiwan, together with industry, government, academia, and research institutions, the company has ventured into the international market, becoming an indispensable part of the global electric vehicle industry.

Guangdong LY Intelligent Manufacturing Company

Guangdong LY Intelligent Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer in the global precision manufacturing sector, established in 2006. The company spans multiple business units, including die-cutting, stamping, CNC machining, assembly, automation, structural components, magnetic materials, chargers, modules, FATP complete machine assembly, communication, Softgoods, and more, establishing a complete supply chain layout worldwide. Currently, in China, its presence is spread across locations including Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Guigang, Suzhou, Dongtai, Wuxi, Chengdu, Mianyang, and Zhengzhou. In Asia, it includes Chennai and Noi Bai in India, as well as Vietnam. In Europe, it spans France and Turkey, and in South America, it includes Brazil. These places host research centers and production manufacturing bases.

The various materials and components developed, manufactured, and produced by Guangdong LY Intelligent Manufacturing Company find extensive application in key modules of consumer electronics products. Capitalizing on advanced R&D, manufacturing, and vertical integration capabilities, the company has established strong strategic partnerships with world-renowned enterprises, ranking within the top three globally in its sector. Guangdong LY Intelligent Manufacturing Company leverages the synergistic effect of its five major platforms – materials, precision components, structural components, module assembly, and complete machine assembly – vertically integrating customer channels in various business segments to achieve deep business integration and resource sharing. Simultaneously, it's stepping into new energy vehicles, medical, power tools, 5G, the Internet of Things, smart wearables, smart homes, and other industrial domains, further expanding its business layout to capture new development engines and growth points in the market, becoming a globally and domestically circulatory full-industry chain intelligent manufacturing platform.

Dongguan Aohai Technology  

Dongguan Aohai Technology is a global enterprise dedicated to high-efficiency energy applications. It leads in areas like intelligent terminal charging and storage, new energy vehicle electronic control, and digital energy. Its technology and products are at the forefront of intelligent terminals' charging and storage, new energy vehicle electronic control, digital energy, and more. Notably, since 2021, Dongguan Aohai Technology has held a global market share exceeding 15% in mobile phone chargers, consistently ranking as the global leader. The ethos of  Technology Establishes Enterprises, Global Manufacturing forms Dongguan Aohai Technology's most valuable competitive edge, and it's the key to maintaining high growth and leadership in energy applications. Dongguan Aohai Technology now boasts two national CNAS-certified laboratories, giving considerable importance to technical reserves. With a research and development team of over 600 individuals, it has acquired more than 500 patents, spanning technologies like motor control, battery management, vehicle control, automotive power, high-power charging, PD charging, wireless charging, PD energy storage power, resistance common mode interference, planar transformers, and more, along with 26 software copyrights. It serves as Guangdong Province's Doctoral Workstation, Guangdong Province's Intelligent Terminal Charging, and Energy Storage Engineering Technology Research Center, and collaborates with research institutions such as Zhejiang University.

Presently, Dongguan Aohai Technology has established four major research and development centers globally – in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, and Wuhan – and six major offices worldwide – in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taipei, and Europe. It also operates six manufacturing bases – in Dongguan, Jiangxi, Wuhan, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan.


Established in 2017, the GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED boasts a workforce exceeding 18,000 employees. As a leader in China's security computing industry, the GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED has achieved groundbreaking accomplishments across multiple domains. Notably, it developed China's first microcomputer with independent intellectual property rights, the first computer hard drive, the first terminal ASIC chip, the first display, the first optical fiber converter, and the first optical pen graphic display terminal. It has also played a key role in drafting a series of national and industry standards in fields like computers, power supplies, high-tech electronics, financial information technology, and medical information technology.

The company's mission is to  Forge the Great Wall of Network Security and Connect a Happy World.  Guided by the vision of becoming a leader in secure, advanced, and green autonomous computing industries, the GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED serves national strategic needs, focusing on autonomous computing and core areas of system equipment. Built on the foundation of the  Core and Edge Integrated, Dual-Core Driven development strategy, it aims to construct a core-based autonomous computing product chain, propelling the comprehensive development of the  Network-Cloud-Data-Intelligence autonomous computing industry ecosystem. Since its re-establishment, the GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED has successfully achieved breakthroughs in critical core technologies like high-end general-purpose chips (CPUs) and firmware. Leveraging its  PKS  autonomous computing system, it's created a comprehensive range of products with completely independent intellectual property rights, spanning from chips and desktops to notebooks, servers, network switch devices, and application systems.

Ten Pao Group Holdings

Founded in 1979, Tianbao has accumulated 44 years of experience in the power supply manufacturing field. Adhering to the principles of high-end and digital development, Tianbao consistently provides customers with customized, intelligent, efficient, safe, reliable, and fast-response product development and manufacturing services. Simultaneously, the company offers competitive one-stop intelligent power supply solutions. Over the years, Tianbao has established long-term, stable cooperation with numerous internationally renowned brands, emerging as a globally leading and trusted innovative power group.

Operating across Asia, Europe, and the US, Tianbao has been deeply rooted in power supply manufacturing for over four decades. The company embraces high-end and digital directions for development, continually providing customers with intelligent, efficient, safe, reliable, and fast-response customized product development and manufacturing services. Additionally, it offers competitively strong one-stop intelligent power supply solutions. Over the years, Tianbao has built enduring relationships with many internationally renowned brands, becoming a globally leading and trusted innovative power group.

Shenzhen Honor Electronic

Established on May 29, 1996, Shenzhen Honor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of switch power supplies. Its primary products encompass power adapters and server power supplies, widely used in fields like office electronics, set-top boxes, network communications, security monitoring, audio equipment, financial POS terminals, data centers, and more.

Over the years, the company has cultivated innovation, actively investing in research and development to enhance its technical level and product quality. Shenzhen Honor Electronic has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and has established Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, and Guangdong Province High-Efficiency Intelligent Power Supply and Power Management Engineering Technology Research Center. The company adheres to a development philosophy guided by the market, innovation, and customer demand, continually establishing and perfecting its research and development, production, and management systems. Simultaneously, Shenzhen Honor Electronic expands its market presence, endeavoring to create a development pattern spanning one core and two wings across three regions. Anchoring itself in Shenzhen, the company is committed to becoming a well-known domestic and international brand leading the power supply industry.

Moso Power Supply Technology

Founded in 2006, Moso Power Supply Technology is a national high-tech enterprise, a leading global power solution provider, and an iconic player in the domestic power supply industry. As a prominent brand in Shenzhen and a renowned trademark in Guangdong Province and China, Moso Power Supply Technology possesses over 230 registered trademarks both domestically and internationally, along with more than 300 pieces of intellectual property. Since its inception, Moso Power Supply Technology has focused on developing consumer electronics power supplies and LED intelligent driver power supplies. Over the years, the company has maintained a leading market share both domestically and internationally, particularly in fields such as television broadcasting, security, and high-power power supplies.

The company's dedication to driving innovation and its active involvement in research and development have continually elevated its technical capabilities and product quality. Moso Power Supply Technology's growth extends beyond the domestic market; it holds significant influence in international markets as well.