Review: 10 Leading Chinese Companies in the Display Sector

Technology Author: 亿欧全球 Aug 25, 2023 09:02 AM (GMT+8)

The LED display, a flat-panel visual marvel, stands as a formidable canvas crafted from an assemblage of diminutive LED module panels. Its mission? To unfold an array of textual narratives, vivid imagery, dynamic videos, and more. As technology hurtles forward at a blistering pace, conventional advertising and information propagation modes have grown stale, failing to satiate our heightened expectations.

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Enter the LED display, resplendent with its vibrant hues and crystalline images. This technological tour de force has found its calling in a medley of domains: commercial media, cultural spectacles, arenas pulsating with sportsmanship, the propagation of information, news dissemination, and the bustling realm of stock trading. It's a versatile solution, malleable to the needs of diverse environments.

Venturing forward, the horizons of its application promise to stretch even wider, akin to a chameleon adapting to its surroundings. In this epoch, EqualOcean turns its discerning gaze towards ten illustrious Chinese display enterprises that have, with unwavering determination, sowed their seeds on foreign soil and reaped the ripe fruits of their labor.

Tianma Microelectronics

Founded in 1983, Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd., a Fortune Global 500 company and a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Group, has positioned itself as a stalwart in the high-tech sector. In 1995, the company marked its presence on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, boasting assets exceeding 50 billion yuan.

Over more than two decades of spirited growth, Tianma has transformed into a major state-owned enterprise that encompasses research, design, manufacturing, sales, and service, all while successfully entering the stock market. Its products have found application in numerous sectors including smartphones, tablets, automotive displays, medical equipment displays, industrial instruments, smart wearables, and home automation. Spanning eight production bases in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xiamen, and overseas subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, and South Korea, the company has established a formidable industrial footprint.

BOE Technology Group

Founded in April 1993, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) stands as a pioneering force in the realm of Internet of Things innovation, committing to furnishing intelligent interface products and professional services for information interaction and human well-being. Rooted in semiconductor displays, BOE's core pursuits extend to the Internet of Things innovation, sensors, solutions, micro-LEDs (MLED), and the fusion of intelligent medical engineering, forming a unique "1+4+N+ecosystem" business framework.

As of 2022, BOE has amassed more than 80,000 patent applications, with over 90% constituting invention patents in annual increments. Its overseas patents span countries like the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea, comprising more than 33% of the portfolio. In IFI Claims' 2022 U.S. patent grants report, BOE secures the 11th global position, marking its fifth consecutive year in the global top 20. Further, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) 2022 global international patent application ranking, BOE's 1884 PCT patent applications rank seventh globally, maintaining a spot in the top 10 for 7 consecutive years.

With manufacturing bases across Beijing, Hefei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Mianyang, Wuhan, Kunming, Suzhou, Ordos, and beyond, BOE has an extensive international presence, encompassing 20 countries and regions, constructing a comprehensive international service network that blankets Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

AUO Corporation

Founded in August 1996, AUO Corporation Corp. assumed its current name following a merger with Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation in 2001, and another merger with Quanta Display Inc. in 2006. Through these key amalgamations, AUO Corporation has forged an extensive production line for manufacturing panels of diverse sizes. Primarily invested in thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) design, manufacturing, and research, AUO Corporation expanded into the green energy industry in 2008, offering clients efficient solar energy solutions.

Endowed with a passionate, technology-driven ethos, AUO Corporation endeavors to push innovation to its zenith, crafting products and solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology. Benefitting from its group's strength, AUO Corporation delves into display technology, system solutions, intelligent manufacturing, medical care, and green energy, fostering a wide-ranging presence. Headquartered in Taiwan, AUO Corporation maintains operational bases in Asia, the United States, and Europe, with a global workforce of approximately 38,000. In 2021, its consolidated revenue reached NT$370.69 billion.

Laser-focused on panel research and manufacturing, AUO Corporation engineers high-value, differentiated product applications. Its robust research capabilities and innovative technologies firmly entrench its leadership in the industry. Leveraging a deep foundation in display technology along with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, AUO Corporation endeavors to become a solutions provider across diverse fields. By seamlessly integrating software, hardware, cloud services, and platforms, the company offers comprehensive services catering to varied applications in retail, education, enterprise, healthcare, mobile, manufacturing, and energy sectors. Through collaboration, complementarity, and co-creation, AUO Corporation aspires to co-construct a smart Internet of Things ecosystem, charting the course for a smarter future.

Chengdu CEC Panda Display Technology

Established in 1993, Chengdu CEC Panda Display Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the quartz crystal frequency component industry. In 1997, the company established China's first surface mount production line, followed by its pioneering involvement in crystal oscillator production in 1999. In 2009, it ventured into the temperature compensation and temperature-controlled crystal oscillator domain. Panda's mainstay revolves around the manufacture and sale of piezoelectric quartz crystal components, including quartz crystal resonators, oscillators, filters, voltage-controlled crystal oscillators, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, and temperature-controlled crystal oscillators.

The company boasts a robust research and development system, positioning itself at the forefront of production scale, product level, and equipment automation within its domestic industry. Key core technologies are independently developed, culminating in 87 patents, including 25 invention patents, 62 utility model patents, and 17 software copyrights. The company has also led in drafting two national standards that have been implemented. Its core products hold a distinct technological edge, designated as internationally advanced and domestically leading by the China Electronic Components Association. Notably, its quartz crystal oscillator products possess the largest market share domestically and a global top three position, capable of completely replacing imported goods.

InfoVision Optoelectronics

Founded in July 2005, InfoVision Optoelectronics has flourished in China's national-level Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, boasting a total capital of 3.33 billion shares. As a foreign-invested, publicly traded enterprise, state-owned capital accounts for an impressive 145.90%. The company focuses its energies on research, manufacturing, and sales of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels, spanning applications across laptops, automotive displays, smartphones, industrial control systems, and smart interconnectivity. In August 2020, Lontium made history by becoming the first LCD display panel enterprise listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's Sci-Tech Innovation Board.

Pioneering China's earliest investments in TFT-LCD production lines, Lontium has been deep-rooted in the medium and small-sized display field. With a strategy hinging on differentiation and high added-value, the company has solidified its standing in segmented markets, emerging as a leader in dynamic privacy anti-peeping displays. Embracing a customer-centric philosophy, Lontium has consistently expanded collaboration with customers, offering all-encompassing personalized solutions and swift services. The company has become a strategic partner for numerous renowned domestic and international clients. In 2022, its laptop and automotive display shipments ranked within the global top ten, with dynamic privacy anti-peeping laptop panels topping the charts for multiple years.

HKC Corporation Limited

HKC Corporation Limited  Co., Ltd., founded in December 2001, is headquartered in Shenzhen's Bao'an District. As a high-tech conglomerate, HKC specializes in research, development, manufacturing, and sales of video-centric consumer electronics products. Leveraging robust management, technology, resources, and cost advantages, HKC has forged a collaborative development in the upstream and downstream industries built atop liquid crystal panels. Its upstream operations encompass panels, chips, and other products, with four high-generation liquid crystal panel plants making the company a significant participant in the domestic large-sized liquid crystal panel sector. The company covers an array of end-products ranging from liquid crystal TVs, displays, tablets, to touch all-in-ones. Among these, its self-branded "HKC" displays have been recognized as China's well-known trademark.

Through two decades of development, HKC has accumulated formidable research and production capabilities, embracing technological innovation as its prime driving force. It has established machine research and development production bases in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei, and Yichang, along with liquid crystal panel production bases in Chongqing, Chuzhou, Mianyang, and Zhengzhou. To date, HKC has secured nearly 5,000 technology patents and software development achievements, fostering partnerships with several domestic and international higher education institutions and research organizations. Housing national-level technological enterprises like the Graphene Research Institute and Optoelectronic Display Technology Research Institute, the company's products have reached over 100 countries and regions globally. With numerous Fortune 500 companies, HKC has established enduring cooperative relationships.

Topway Display

Topway Display, renowned for its outstanding service, stands as a trusted supplier of LCD display products. Since its inception in 1996, the company has focused on the industrial sector, specializing in the design and production of industrial LCD display modules. Its product portfolio spans single-color character LCD displays, graphic dot-matrix LCD displays, and color TFT displays, finding widespread application in sectors such as power, healthcare, finance, instrumentation, industrial automation, POS terminals, and electronic scales.

At its core, Topway Display boasts a team of seasoned engineers with extensive experience in the LCD display field, many of whom have held positions in prominent LCD enterprises. Through years of market expansion, the company has carved a reputable brand presence in the industrial LCD display module market, positioning itself as a formidable competitor against Japanese and Taiwanese brands. With a robust international presence, its products have gained global recognition, with major clients including renowned international enterprises such as Emerson, Toshiba, and General Electric.

Shenzhen Guoxian LCM

Shenzhen Guoxian LCM is a dedicated enterprise in the realm of LED display applications and solutions. Focused on LED technology, the company is committed to the production, sales, and service of full-color LED displays. As a comprehensive operation brand in the LED optoelectronics domain, Nationstar maintains production bases in both Shenzhen and Dongguan, with a combined factory space exceeding 10,000 square meters.

The diverse array of LED application products offered by Guoxian LCM encompasses a variety of structures, finding widespread use in public spaces such as commercial plazas, institutions, sports arenas, transportation facilities, and financial institutions. The company's LED display series covers rental products, billboards, highway signs, irregular-shaped displays, stadium screens, and more. These products have garnered popularity across over 110 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania, spanning more than 30 provinces and municipalities within China.

Yunnan Olightek Opto-electronic Technology

Yunnan Olightek Opto-electronic Technology is China's pioneering enterprise specializing in AM-OLED microdisplays. It is the sole professional manufacturer capable of large-scale production and sales of AM-OLED microdisplay products in the country. Leveraging its technological prowess, Yunnan Olightek Opto-electronic Technology has overcome key technical challenges, including "device overall structure design," "high-precision alignment," "efficient top emission," and "efficient thin-film sealing," amassing over 10 core patents. Building on its existing 0.5-inch SVGA resolution product, the company continues to innovate in the field of AM-OLED microdisplays, planning the gradual launch of products ranging from 0.5-inch to 0.97-inch, covering resolutions from 800x600 to 1920x1080.

Presently, the company holds "ISO9001" quality management system certification, and it operates an advanced production line capable of producing 450,000 microdisplays annually. Since achieving mass production of AM-OLED microdisplays in July 2010, Yunnan Olightek Opto-electronic Technology's products have gained recognition from both domestic and international enterprises, receiving consistent praise from users.

CSOT (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology)

Founded in 2009, CSOT is an innovative tech company focused on the semiconductor display field. As a global leader in the semiconductor display industry, CSOT is based in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Huizhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou, and India, with a total investment surpassing 260 billion RMB. The company boasts nine-panel production lines and five module bases.

CSOT actively positions itself in next-generation display technologies, including Mini LED, Micro LED, flexible OLED, and printed OLED, all of which have garnered global attention. The company's product range covers large, medium, and small-sized panels, along with high-end display applications such as touch modules, electronic whiteboards, video walls, automotive displays, and gaming displays.

By the end of 2020, CSOT had submitted a total of 47,720 patent applications, with over 15,362 patents granted globally, over 99.3% of which are invention patents. These innovative patents span multiple countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. In 2020 alone, the company received 5,379 granted patents in the United States, propelling it into the global top fifty for the first time. In China's mainland enterprises, CSOT secured a top-three position for six consecutive years. Additionally, the company's publicly disclosed PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patents reached 2,192, further solidifying its top three positions among Chinese enterprises.

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