TCL Unveils Smart Innovations at IFA 2023, Driven by Green Technology

Technology Author: Mingmin Zhang Sep 05, 2023 01:03 PM (GMT+8)

On 1 September, the IFA Berlin 2023 officially kicked off. Chinese company TCL is participating in the IFA and is showcasing cutting-edge technology and green smart products. This marks TCL's 13th consecutive year at the exhibition.


At this year's IFA, TCL presents a new ecosystem for green smart living with its innovative technology, green science, comprehensive smart terminal products, and solutions. Notably, TCL's 115-inch QD-Mini LED TV, the largest in the world and making its first overseas appearance, garnered significant attention. This product boasts an industry-leading 20,000+ level backlight division and an XDR5000 nits peak brightness, enhancing the detail and color reproduction of the display. Furthermore, it utilizes TCL's latest globally leading quantum dot display technology, Quantum Dot Pro2023, and features TCL's Huaxing A++ Butterfly Starry screen, offering consumers a high-quality audio-visual entertainment experience.

TCL Huaxing showcased its 17" IGZO printed OLED foldable display screen, employing self-luminous inkjet printing OLED technology combined with the novel Oxide compensation circuitry. This ensures vivid color display and extends the product's application range, making it compatible with foldable laptops, tablets, monitors, and other multifunctional forms. The product also supports smart split-screen capabilities, allowing for multitasking on a single interface.

In the new energy photovoltaic sector, TCL introduced leading green tech products and solutions, constructing a green ecosystem that spans from new energy to energy storage and then to green smart terminal devices. A highlight was TCL's one-stop intelligent energy solution in the distributed photovoltaic field, which, upon its first overseas showcase, attracted a lot of attention. As one of the core modules, TCL's integrated and separate energy storage units utilize safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries. With a modular design, they cover only 0.15 square meters and feature a plug-and-play design with a 30-minute quick installation, maximizing the use of clean, green energy.

TCL Zhonghuan displayed its G12 monocrystalline silicon wafer and other new energy photovoltaic products. First introduced by TCL Zhonghuan in 2019, these products have accelerated the photovoltaic industry's transition to the 6.0, 7.0, and N-type high-efficiency eras, leading industrial transformation and upgrading. Currently, the shipment of G12 monocrystalline silicon wafers has exceeded 100GW.

For now, TCL has established itself as a globally competitive smart tech industrial group. Through continuous innovation, they achieve technological and product breakthroughs, refining their global market strategy. In the realm of smart terminals, thanks to its overseas production and localized business strategy, TCL's television shipment market share soared to second place globally in 2022. Regarding the global layout of the semiconductor display and new energy photovoltaic industries, TCL Huaxing's first overseas module factory in India commenced operations in March 2022, currently operating at a 70%~80% capacity. TCL Zhonghuan has established battery and module factories in Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, and more. In May, TCL Zhonghuan finalized a collaboration to construct a photovoltaic factory in Saudi Arabia. Leveraging the Middle East's geographical advantages and localized manufacturing, the company envisions exporting photovoltaic products to Europe and Central Asia, further reducing export costs.