Mediatrack: Unlock More Audiovisual Collaboration and Presentation Possibilities

Technology Author: Qinqie He, Katherine Sep 07, 2023 05:28 PM (GMT+8)

Emerging as an innovative player in the realm of audiovisual collaboration, Mediatrack (Chinese: 分秒帧) has rapidly evolved into a premier collaborative partner of choice for over one million creators and more than 3,000 enterprises worldwide since its inception in 2019. Across verticals such as advertising, media, education, gaming, animation, and film, Mediatrack's comprehensive audiovisual co-creation services have garnered industry attention.


Advantages in Product: Cementing an Unassailable Market Leadership Position

Within just a span of slightly over three years, Mediatrack has successfully catered to over one million registered users in the audiovisual domain, along with serving more than 3,000 paying clients. The collaborative relationships and extensive assets established by these users and clients translate to significant migration costs when shifting from other platforms, thus fortifying Mediatrack's competitive stronghold.

In the realm of audiovisual production collaboration, the platform inherently possesses collaborative linkages and network effects, similar to that of WeChat (Chinese: 微信). As user counts increase, the network effects become more pronounced, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, as an innovator in audiovisual production collaboration tools, Mediatrack still operates in a blue ocean market. The majority of Chinese audiovisual practitioners continue to adhere to traditional production methods, necessitating Mediatrack's main challenge to be continuous user education, market cultivation, and motivating users to construct efficient online workflows on the platform, thereby reshaping conventional work practices and habits.

Compared to traditional workflows and collaboration methods, Mediatrack boasts a comprehensive advantage. For instance, its online review feature facilitates precise conveyance of editing suggestions, elevating communication efficiency; the platform facilitates on-time, secure, and convenient deliverables; Mediatrack streamlines workflows into standardized, efficient processes; furthermore, the platform provides asset management functionality, simplifying the orderly management of audiovisual materials and versions. Moreover, Mediatrack has earned acclaim within the industry for its exceptional security and stability.

Mediatrack is guided by the central principle of "creating value for clients above all else." This ethos integrates best practices for over one million audiovisual industry users and more than 3,000 clients, better aligning with industry needs. In summary, Mediatrack's market leadership arises from its profound comprehension and insight into audiovisual collaboration and efficient workflow processes.

Industry Cases: Exemplifying Mediatrack's Value through Outstanding Results

Among numerous client cases, a standout example is an advertising and media company's innovative exploration. Faced with growth bottlenecks several years after its establishment in Beijing, the company undertook several decisions, including relocating to Hangzhou, focusing on e-commerce platforms and brand e-commerce sectors, downsizing the team, and extensive outsourcing, while concurrently constructing online workflows using Mediatrack and other tools. These innovative measures culminated in the company producing over a thousand short videos for Xiaomi (Chinese: 小米) during the 2021 "Double Eleven" (Chinese: 双十一) sales event, resulting in revenue growth of over threefold compared to the previous year, and a reduction of costs to one-third of the previous level.

In this instance, Mediatrack's core value to users lies in its efficient and standardized workflow. Leveraging Mediatrack and other tools, users can establish streamlined, standardized workflows. Unlike other production management software in the market, Mediatrack allows users to customize workflows, fostering a flexible and collaborative environment for team members and partners, significantly boosting production efficiency and reducing costs.

Sales Channels: Driving User Growth through the PLG Model

Mediatrack employs the typical product-led growth (PLG) model, guiding user growth through direct online sales. Users initially register for the free version of the product, subsequently making independent purchases through the official website or consulting sales personnel. Supported by methods such as collaboration chain fission, word-of-mouth propagation, content marketing, digital marketing, and referrals from existing customers, Mediatrack consistently attracts its target customers.

This approach particularly benefits from the characteristics of the audiovisual industry, where professionals often recommend quality software tools to one another. Mediatrack's new users predominantly result from collaboration chain fission and word-of-mouth fission, affirming its exceptional product value and user experience.

Market Education: Pioneering Change and Driving Industry Development

While audiovisual digitization has become a significant trend, many companies still harbor doubts regarding the adoption of new technologies. Through continuous education and information dissemination, Mediatrack has gradually cultivated a positive impression in consumers' minds.

Though the market is in its nascent stages, shifts in the economic environment and the pursuit of efficiency have become intrinsic drivers for the development of cloud-based audiovisual production collaboration tools. Particularly now, industries across the board are exploring ways to cut costs and enhance efficiency, presenting broad developmental opportunities for tools like Mediatrack within this trend.

By consistently seeking market demands, satisfying explicit and implicit user needs, optimizing products, focusing on customer value, and maintaining an innovative approach, Mediatrack has served over one million audiovisual creators since its June 2020 launch, and approximately 90% of users originate from collaboration chain fission and word-of-mouth propagation. The platform's characteristics enable swift dissemination across diverse roles, fostering efficient cooperation across sectors such as advertising, media, MCN, education, gaming, animation, e-commerce, and film and television.

For Mediatrack, securing a foothold in consumers' minds and continuously gaining trust and favor from customers necessitates an ongoing commitment to creating value for clients, and crafting remarkable products amid rigorous market competition.

Challenges and Breakthroughs: Strides in Commercial Exploration

Throughout its journey of innovation, Mediatrack has encountered pivotal challenges since its establishment. In July 2022, they embarked on commercial testing, transitioning their product from a free to a paid model—a critical decision. Designing diverse pricing packages, determining pricing structures, and constructing business processes based on customer journeys presented complex quandaries. Given the relative scarcity of product-led growth (PLG)-oriented products in the domestic market, Mediatrack embarked on continuous exploration to identify a commercially viable model aligning with its own growth trajectory.

This commercial shift aided Mediatrack in filtering out users not aligned with their target customer base and clarified the clientele they should prioritize serving. Startups with limited resources must focus their finite resources on serving target customers truly in need of collaborative production services. Building upon customer data accumulated from the commercial testing phase, in July this year, Mediatrack underwent substantial revamps and pricing adjustments, thus enhancing their ability to serve clients requiring production collaboration.

Global Perspective: Considerations for Overseas Expansion

For Mediatrack, the global market has long been a point of interest. Although there isn't a concrete internationalization plan as of now, they've continuously monitored overseas market developments. The needs of target customers and global market trends are pivotal factors influencing their internationalization considerations.

China's distribution platforms, exemplified by short videos and mid-length videos, hold leading positions worldwide, with platforms such as Douyin (Chinese: 抖音), TikTok, and Channels (Chinese: 视频号). As a company dedicated to audiovisual technology, Mediatrack also holds the potential to lead in the development of global trends. Additionally, clients like SHEIN have relevant overseas operations and requirements, which could contribute to Mediatrack's overseas expansion efforts.

Furthermore, Mediatrack already possesses thousands of overseas users across North America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions, engaging in transnational collaborative efforts with domestic audiovisual production companies.

Market Trends and Strategic Planning: Embracing Transformation

Mediatrack identifies two critical trends within the industry, both of which will shape their future strategic planning. Firstly, as the market undergoes historic shifts, "reducing costs and enhancing efficiency" will be the key theme in the coming years. For production collaboration tools like Mediatrack, this presents a significant opportunity.

In the current economic climate, enterprises strive to boost efficiency and reduce costs. Organizations equipped with advanced concepts and insights can leverage tools like Mediatrack to construct efficient, standardized workflows, enhancing production efficiency and reducing costs, thus bolstering their own competitiveness. Mediatrack, with its client's best practices and accomplishments, validates the efficacy of this approach.

Secondly, AI is set to play an even more pivotal role in the field of audiovisual creation. Currently, the practical application of AI technology in specific vertical domains is necessary for its actual productivity. In audiovisual creation, AI finds myriad applications including creative copywriting, image generation, storyboard scripting, asset retrieval, and management, among others. Mediatrack collaborates with prominent domestic AI companies to jointly develop tools with practical applications. Additionally, they anticipate further AI breakthroughs in the audiovisual realm, generating more incremental value for the industry.

Mediatrack's future strategy revolves around servicing forward-thinking organizations and companies seeking innovation, growing alongside them, and jointly leading the industry's development.