Serco Press Manufacturer S-T Intelligence Nets More than 10 Mn in Series A

Industrials, Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Sep 27, 2023 07:48 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that S-T Intelligence (Chinese: 斯特智能), a manufacturer of servo presses, has recently closed tens of millions of CNY in Series A financing.

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Founded in May 2021, S-T Intelligence's business includes servo motors, servo drive and control systems, process analysis of stamping parts, servo presses, and one-stop total solutions for stamping automation peripherals. S-T Intelligence now has 2 Ph.D.s, 5 M.D.s, and 15 senior engineers in the core research and development staff, and has the ability to independently develop servo presses and control systems. S-T Intelligence has 2 Ph.D.s, 5 Masters and 15 Senior Engineers in its core R&D staff. S-T Intelligence holds more than 30 patents on the main drive structure and key components of servo presses.

As an upgraded product of traditional mechanical presses, servo motor-driven presses can accurately control the motor movement, improve the stroke curve of mechanical movement, and regulate the pressure and dwell time, which can effectively shorten the processing cycle and improve molding efficiency.

S-T Intelligence currently has nine products, and now mainly provides servo press equipment in the battery shell field, and in the future will gradually penetrate into the new energy vehicle market, as well as the larger overall press market," said Yang Ming, co-founder of S-T Intelligence, "Multinational automotive giants have already used servo presses in parts manufacturing, while most domestic automotive companies still use servo presses in parts manufacturing," he said. manufacturing, while most of the domestic automotive companies still stay at the level of mechanical presses, there is a lot of room for domestic substitution."

With its product advantages, S-T Intelligence has already entered the supply chain of domestic head battery manufacturers, and can now supply 7-9 units of products per month.

Yang Ming said in an interview, servo press technology has long been monopolized by Germany, Japan, etc.. Imported equipment is not only expensive but also difficult to do customize design, the domestic market needs a domestic servo press, our products are in the short supply stage, the customer repurchase rate is extremely high. "Our plan is to double our production capacity within three months, and within 12 months, the production plant will reach 10,000 square meters."

The round of financing, for which Zen Advisory (Chinese: 治臻咨询) acted as a financial advisor, will primarily be used for the company's capacity expansion, new product development and local promotion.