Kyligence: Transform the Way People Interact with Data and AI

Technology Author: Qinqie He, Katherine Nov 20, 2023 04:45 PM (GMT+8)

In the ever-evolving landscape of big data analytics, Kyligence stands out as a formidable player, delivering cutting-edge solutions to streamline multi-dimensional data analysis and empower businesses with data-driven insights.


EqualOcean’s analyst Qinqie recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Li Dong, Partner and Vice President at Kyligence, and delved into the competitive landscape of big data analytics and Kyligence's strategies for success. In a candid and insightful conversation, Mr. Li shared his views on the evolving trends in the big data analytics arena and Kyligence's approach to capturing opportunities in this dynamic industry.

Brand Origins and Competitive Edge

Kyligence, founded in 2016 by the Apache Kylin core team, derives its name from a fusion of "Kylin" and "intelligence." The name Kylin, from the renowned open-source project Apache Kylin, contributed by the Chinese team, symbolizes the company's expertise in the field of big data technology. As Mr. Li explains, Kyligence aims to infuse intelligence into the world of big data, making data-driven decision-making accessible to every enterprise.

Kyligence's brand and positioning have undergone several upgrades over the years. Currently, the company focuses on being a data and AI-driven metric platform provider, leveraging AI and big data technology to offer software products for data analysis, and metric management.

The company's competitive strength can be attributed to two main pillars. The first is the trust of a diverse clientele amassed over the years. Since its inception, Kyligence has served leading enterprises across various industries, including finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Notable clients like China Ping An, China Merchants Bank, and global giants like Starbucks, UBS, and MetLife have placed their faith in Kyligence's solutions. These long-standing relationships and the trust they imply create substantial competitive advantages, as it takes years to build such strong client partnerships.

The second pillar of strength lies in Kyligence's expertise in creating enterprise-level products and services in the ToB sector. Over the past seven years, Kyligence has developed a winning formula for building trusted products and delivering exceptional service to large enterprises. These methodologies, combined with their dedication to customer success, further enhance their competitive edge. To illustrate, major clients like China Merchants Bank have been using Kyligence's services for over six years, with annual renewals highlighting their trust and satisfaction.

Key Technological Advancements

Kyligence's core technology advances by simplifying data analysis, especially in large-scale data analysis and flexible query services, to achieve high performance, high concurrency, and high security. At the same time, Kyligence's product, Kyligence Zen, plays a crucial role in streamlining data management and analysis for businesses, with a strong focus on management. It utilizes data analytics to play a key role in business operations and organizational management.

The metric platform's defining feature is its ability to transform technical concepts and data structures into easily understandable business language. This means it allows business users to access data using standardized and comprehensible metrics. The product ensures consistency in defining and managing metrics across various departments or business scenarios.

This metric management and governance capability sets Kyligence apart in the field of data analysis and BI. The company has received recognition from globally renowned organizations like Gartner. Their reports, such as the "Innovation Insight for Metric Stores," feature Kyligence as a representative vendor, making it the only Chinese company to earn this distinction.

Another technological edge Kyligence holds is its exceptional performance in handling large-scale data and high-concurrency scenarios while keeping costs in check. They've helped clients with massive data volumes that have struggled with other solutions and have delivered outstanding results.

One illustrative example involves a U.S. bank that was grappling with data challenges. After exploring various options, they approached Kyligence for a proof of concept (POC). Kyligence's technology proved to be a game-changer, successfully addressing their performance and concurrency challenges. This partnership has continued for several years, underlining Kyligence's global recognition and trust.

A Longstanding Race in Big Data Analytics

When asked about the key focus areas in the current big data analytics race, Mr. Li began by providing a historical perspective. He pointed out that the big data analytics field has been evolving for quite some time, with distinct waves of players dominating the space. From the early days of pioneers like Kyligence to the rise of cloud providers and data warehousing companies, the landscape has continually shifted.

However, Mr. Li emphasized two significant aspects that are pivotal in the current market. First, he highlighted the need for companies to deliver real value to enterprises. While many organizations have established data analytics platforms, the real challenge lies in enabling customers to use them. This can reduce costs and enhance efficiency by extracting tangible business value from data. This, he believes, is a major competitive focus.

Secondly, with the increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) by customers, the ability to integrate AI capabilities effectively to drive cost reduction and efficiency improvement becomes paramount. Kyligence, in line with these trends, has launched Kyligence Copilot, an AI-powered assistant aimed at enhancing data utilization and empowering enterprises in their operations and management.

Mr. Li also shed light on the specific applications that Kyligence considers promising in the big data analytics realm. He stressed the significance of data-driven decision-making and operational management for enterprises. Kyligence is focused on creating solutions that are metric-driven, helping organizations extract actionable insights from data and facilitating quick decision-making. The company's two flagship products, Kyligence Zen and Kyligence Copilot revolve around the core principle of utilizing metrics to empower users throughout an organization.

Kyligence aims to lower the barrier to data utilization, striving to enable 80-90% of employees within enterprises to harness the power of data. This approach goes beyond the conventional idea that only 15-20% of the workforce can use data for decision-making. By emphasizing the use of metrics as a central driver of decision-making, Kyligence seeks to bring tangible benefits to a broader audience within organizations.

Diverse Sales Channels and Audience Engagement

In the context of Kyligence's global expansion, the discussion turned towards sales channels and audience engagement strategies. Mr. Li highlighted that Kyligence employs a multifaceted approach. The company's official website serves as a crucial platform for brand recognition and outreach, allowing potential clients to discover the organization and its offerings.

Additionally, Kyligence collaborates with a diverse set of partners, both locally and globally. It forms partnerships with cloud providers, business intelligence companies, and service integrators. These partnerships extend Kyligence's reach and help tap into local markets. Such collaborations allow Kyligence to engage with clients and customers worldwide.

Moreover, Kyligence maintains open-source communities, such as Apache Kylin, Byzer and Gluten, to foster innovation and gather valuable feedback. These communities play a pivotal role in shaping Kyligence's products and maintaining an active dialogue with users.

Global Business Expansion and Technological Innovation

Kyligence's global expansion has been instrumental in enhancing the company's business reach and fostering technological innovation. The company's headquarters in China serves as the hub for product development. With the challenging market dynamics and data complexities in China, Kyligence leverages this market to ensure its product meets the highest standards.

Mr. Li noted that Kyligence's experience in servicing clients globally, especially in markets with different demands and expectations, brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding. It has been crucial in evolving the company's products to meet diverse requirements and create a competitive edge. Notably, he pointed out the high emphasis on user experience in the American market. While China and some other regions may not prioritize user interface and user experience to the same extent, American customers demand seamless and intuitive interaction with products. Kyligence recognized this shift and adapted its product to cater to these user-centric expectations.

One interesting aspect that came to the forefront during this global expansion was the rapid acceptance of Software as a Service (SaaS) models, especially in the United States. Kyligence found that the emphasis on SaaS and the willingness to move to the cloud were notably higher in the American market. Smaller enterprises, start-ups, and non-banking organizations were particularly open to SaaS offerings, viewing them as valuable tools for boosting their operations and decision-making. Leveraging this trend, Kyligence has adapted its products to meet the specific needs of customers in the United States and other regions.

The Changing Landscape of the Big Data Industry

Mr. Li discussed the shifts witnessed in the big data industry in the first half of the year and offered his perspective on the next 3 to 5 years. The rise of AI, he believes, has a more profound impact. It has altered the way products are designed, necessitating a reimagining of many products in the AI era. This transformation extends to the data industry, where AI is influencing various changes:

Evolution in Data Utilization: AI has reduced the need for human intervention in data-related tasks. Many routine activities, such as data integration, metric management, and data processing, can now be efficiently handled by AI, allowing human resources to focus on data insights and decision-making.

Shift in User Demographic: Previously, data analysis was the realm of decision-makers and business leaders due to the high cost and complexity of data analysis. With AI assistant, much like Kyligence Copilot, data analysis can be democratized, enabling individuals at various organizational levels to utilize data for decision-making, promoting efficiency in business operations.

 Change in Data Value: In the past, data primarily served to validate hypotheses and theories. Now, data can unearth previously unnoticed insights and enhance operational efficiency, making it a proactive tool rather than a reactive one.

Mr. Li emphasized that the fusion of AI and big data is recognized globally and is expected to drive the development of data applications in various fields. Kyligence is well-placed to seize the opportunity presented by this trend, given its technology, products, and positive customer references. Kyligence is focused on building a strong brand with an emphasis on being a "data + AI" company.