Dongfeng Motor partners with Caetano Group to enter Spanish and Portuguese markets

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Jan 29, 2024 02:07 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, China Dongfeng Motor Industrial Import and Export Co., Ltd. and Portugal's largest auto distribution group Caetano held a grand dealer signing ceremony in Wuhan, marking the official entry of Dongfeng, Lanuto, and Mister brand vehicles into the Spanish and Portuguese markets. As a leading Chinese automaker, Dongfeng Motor Industry has been committed to promoting the global development of China's automotive industry.

Caetano Group is the largest automotive group in the Iberian Peninsula and the largest auto distribution group in Portugal. The group has extensive experience in automotive sales, services, and related businesses, and has a vast distribution network in Spain and Portugal. As a partner of Dongfeng Motor Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd., Caetano Group will provide strong support for the promotion and sales of Dongfeng, Lanuto, and Mister brand vehicles in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. This collaboration will not only bring new growth points for Dongfeng Motor Industry, but will also further consolidate its position in the European market.

Since its establishment in 1969 as China's second automobile manufacturer, Dongfeng Motor Corporation has embarked on a tortuous journey in the automotive industry. After the reform and opening up, the company seized opportunities to explore overseas markets. In 1986, Dongfeng Motor participated in the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition for the first time, showcasing its independently developed EQ140 and EQ240 truck models, which attracted attention from domestic and foreign customers.

With the improvement of technological levels and growing market demand, the export volume of Dongfeng Motor has been increasing year by year. In order to better explore overseas markets, Dongfeng began to cooperate with foreign auto companies. In 1992, Dongfeng and Citroën collaborated to establish Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., launching multiple popular models. This cooperation not only improved Dongfeng's technological level, but also established its brand image in the international market.

In the 21st century, Dongfeng Motor began to fully expand overseas markets. In 2003, Dongfeng started exporting complete vehicle models to overseas markets, becoming the first state-owned enterprise in China to export complete vehicles in volume. Since then, Dongfeng's export volume has been increasing year by year, with products exported to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.

In addition to complete vehicle exports, Dongfeng has also actively engaged in international auto industry cooperation and exchanges. For example, after the "Belt and Road" strategic concept was proposed in 2013, Dongfeng actively participated in it and strengthened economic cooperation with countries along the route. At the "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, President Xi Jinping pointed out that "Industry is the foundation of economy, and it is necessary to carry out in-depth industrial cooperation to promote the mutual compatibility and promotion of industrial development plans among countries along the Belt and Road, focus on large-scale projects, strengthen international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation." Under this strategic guidance, Dongfeng actively implements the "going global" development strategy and continuously improves its overseas development system capabilities.

Otherwise, Dongfeng has also established R&D centers and factories overseas to better meet local market demands. For example, in Romania, Turkey, Spain, Iran, Morocco and other countries, Dongfeng has undertaken welding project construction. These projects not only improve local production capacity, but also lay a solid foundation for Dongfeng's global industrial chain layout.