Saudi Arabia's new film fund to boost sports and entertainment industry

Financials Author: EqualOcean News Feb 21, 2024 03:42 PM (GMT+8)

Saudi Arabia is expanding its investment horizons to include the film industry by setting up a $100 million fund to boost domestic film production. The initiative, co-sponsored by MEFIC Capital and Roaa Media Ventures, aims to establish partnerships with global film industry giants and promote cinematic productions that reflect Saudi Arabia's cultural identity and values.

Saudi Arabia, the largest economic entity in the Middle East, has a population of more than 32 million people, of which approximately 63% are under 35 years old. This provides Saudi Arabia with a large market for local language content and has led to the rapid growth of its film industry, which is growing at an annual rate of 25%.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has pushed the sports and entertainment industries hard, in part to boost its international profile and advance its economic diversification strategy. An anonymous executive in the film industry told the Cannes Film Festival that film is a powerful tool that can help dispel misconceptions about Saudi Arabia, and believes the country has the potential to quickly become a major center of the regional film industry. Events such as the festival provide a platform for Saudi Arabia to showcase its achievements in new technologies and its ambitions for expansion at home and abroad.

Saudi Arabia has already launched the Red Sea International Film Festival and announced two major fund programs at the recent Cannes Film Festival focused on infrastructure development and investment in the film industry. The Saudi government's strategy aims to accelerate Saudi Arabia's emergence as a filmmaking hub by offering attractive incentives, such as investment in film production facilities and theaters, to attract foreign filmmakers and international media companies.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is strengthening its cultural policy to support local filmmakers and artists and encourage them to create works that reflect the diversity of Saudi society and culture. This will not only help to enrich cultural life in the country, but will also promote the international dissemination of Saudi culture and enhance its position in global cultural exchanges. Through these comprehensive measures, Saudi Arabia aims to establish itself as an international center for film production and cultural innovation, further promoting its overall economic and cultural development.