Autonomous Driving Company Haomo Secures CNY 300 Million in Series B2 Financing

Technology Author: EqualOcean News, Jiahui Liao Editor: Yiru Qian Apr 23, 2024 06:26 PM (GMT+8)

Haomo secures additional funding to increase research and development investment.


On April 23, the autonomous driving company Haomo announced a further CNY 300 million in Series B2 financing. The B2 round financing for Haomo was jointly invested by existing shareholder Jiuzhi Capital and Changxing, Huzhou, establishing an industrial investment fund, which will be used to continuously strengthen Haomo's autonomous driving research and development investment, enhancing the company's core competitiveness.

Zhu Wei, Secretary of the Changxing County Committee of Huzhou City, stated that after years of effort, intelligence has become an important development direction in the automotive industry and a major battleground for industry competition. The landing of the Haomo intelligent driving project will fill an important gap in the Changxing automotive industry chain, greatly enhancing the intelligence quotient of the Changxing automotive industry chain.

Han Hualong, Chairman of Jiuzhi Capital, expressed that intelligent vehicles are at the core of China's transformation from a major automobile country to a strong automobile country, leading to profound changes in the form of the automobile industry and the mode of transportation. He hopes that Haomo will contribute to the intelligent automobile industry in Changxing.

CEO of Haomo, Gu Weihao, stated, "In the future, Haomo will continue to invest in large-scale model, computing power, and big data technology research and development, increase self-developed sensing technology, and ensure the high-speed development of Haomo products through technological foundations."

Haomo, formerly the intelligent driving foresight department of Great Wall Motors, became independent from Great Wall Motors in 2019. Zhang Kai, Deputy Chief Engineer of Great Wall Motors Technology and Director of the Intelligent Driving System Development Department of Great Wall Motors, serves as Chairman, while Gu Weihao, former General Manager of Baidu's Intelligent Vehicle Business Unit, joined in 2021 and serves as CEO. This illustrates the close connection between Great Wall Motors, Baidu, and Haomo Zhixing.

Currently, Haomo has launched the third-generation passenger vehicle assisted driving product HPilot, which has been mass-produced in nearly 20 models, accumulating nearly 25 million kilometers of user-assisted driving mileage. In the field of end-to-end logistics automatic delivery vehicles, significant collaborations have been established with companies such as Alibaba, Wumart, Meituan, and Dada Kuai Song. The second-generation end-to-end logistics automatic delivery vehicle, Xiao Motuo 2.0, launched by Haomo, has been successively delivered to customers. Through cooperation with Wumart, Xiao Motuo has delivered over 120,000 orders to residents in more than 60 communities in Shunyi Mapo District, Beijing.

Furthermore, Haomo is accelerating its expansion into overseas markets. After Haomo's self-developed AEB algorithm helped Weichai and Ora obtain the E-NCAP five-star safety certification, in December 2022, the latest Australian vehicle safety regulatory agency (A-NCAP) safety crash test results were announced. The Tank 300 equipped with Haomo HPilot obtained an A-NCAP five-star safety rating, continuously assisting Chinese brands in entering the international market. Haomo has also become the first Chinese autonomous driving company to go global. "Haomo is actively expanding its presence in the European market. The first batch of 300 Weichai Mocha PHEVs equipped with Haomo HPilot has been shipped to Germany and optimized and upgraded according to local road habits," stated Gu Weihao.