Laser Link Completes A+ Round Financing

Technology Author: EqualOcean News, Jiahui Liao Editor: Jiaqi Li May 15, 2024 03:27 PM (GMT+8)

Laser Link accelerates the development of aviation laser products.


Laser Link has completed a A+ round of financing worth tens of millions of CNY. The funds raised will be primarily used for production line expansion, continuous technological iteration, and product testing and verification. To date, Laser Link has raised nearly CNY 150 million in its A round of financing.

Currently, Laser Link's latest generation of inter-satellite laser communication terminal product Z4 has covered all the winning units of a large domestic satellite internet constellation project and is the only company in this project with a satellite laser communication terminal market share exceeding 50%.

In addition to promoting the mass production of the standard satellite laser communication terminal Z4, Laser Link is also developing a multi-matrix product line, continuously advancing the technical updates of each model, and expanding market space. At the same time, Laser Link will continue to carry out a new round of financing work, seeking investment opportunities that align with strategic goals.

Laser Link focuses on the research and development and production of commercial space laser communication terminals. The current product matrix has covered all scenarios of laser communication applications, facing various fields such as satellite, airborne, ground, and shipborne, providing users with low-cost, high-reliability space laser communication terminals and solutions.

In terms of satellite terminals, Laser Link has completed on-orbit satellite-to-ground/inter-satellite communication testing for several inter-satellite laser communication terminals. Among them, the latest generation of inter-satellite laser communication terminal Z4 is lightweight (with a total weight of less than 7 kg), compact (the overall height is 117 mm), and has a wide pointing range. It is compatible with inter-satellite communication needs on the same orbit and different orbits (including low orbit to medium and high orbit), as well as satellite-to-ground communication needs. It has achieved a communication rate of 20 Gbps and passed verification, basically covering all application scenarios of satellite laser communication terminals. In terms of airborne terminals, Laser Link's second-generation airborne laser terminal product P2 has passed a 25 km space communication experiment and is currently the only commercial aerospace company providing airborne laser communication products for large UAVs.

In addition, Laser Link is also laying out laser communication terminals for ground and shipborne fields, which are about to go into mass production. So far, Laser Link has formed a space-air-ground integrated full-scenario space laser communication product matrix, laying the foundation for building a full-scenario laser communication ecosystem.

In the future, Laser Link will continue to carry out product iteration and technological research and development, accelerate the construction of a space-air-ground integrated information network high-speed channel, create a full-scenario laser communication ecosystem, lead the transformation of the laser communication industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of new quality productivity.