Longsys's Brazilian Subsidiary Zilia Launches New Product Line

Technology Author: EqualOcean News Jul 08, 2024 04:01 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that recently, Longsys(江波龙) announced that its Brazilian subsidiary, Zilia(智忆巴西), has officially started packaging and production of Longsys's storage products.


At the same time, Zilia unveiled an investment plan totaling BRL 650 million (approximately CNY 859 million). This fund will primarily be used for research and development innovation and capacity expansion, aiming to enrich its storage product lineup and increase market share in the Americas.

Founded in 1999, Longsys specializes in the R&D, design, and sales of Flash and DRAM memory. The company has core competencies in firmware algorithm development, memory chip testing, packaging design and manufacturing, and memory chip design. Longsys offers consumer-grade, industrial-grade, and automotive-grade memory solutions, covering embedded storage, solid-state drives (SSD), mobile storage, and memory modules. The company owns the industry memory brand FORESEE and the international high-end consumer memory brand Lexar.

EqualOcean also reports that on November 30, 2023, Longsys acquired SMART Modular Brasil, a well-known semiconductor and electronic components company in Brazil, and renamed it Zilia. This acquisition aims to strengthen Longsys's manufacturing capabilities in Brazil, particularly in customizing high-end storage products for the Brazilian market and further expanding into the Americas.

The newly launched product line will leverage advanced storage equipment, product technologies, and packaging processes introduced by Longsys. This will enhance Zilia's production capabilities in areas such as embedded memory (eMMC, UFS), memory modules, and solid-state drives (SSD), meeting the demand for locally manufactured products in the Americas market.

Regarding the investment plan, Zilia announced that it will allocate BRL 175 million for R&D innovation, which includes key research investments, system process improvements, and engineering staff training. Another BRL 475 million will be used to expand existing capacities, including packaging and testing facilities in Atibaia, São Paulo, and semiconductor electronic device assembly in Manaus, Amazonas.

Furthermore, Zilia plans to produce a series of new components, such as DDR5 memory sticks, LPDDR5, uMCP, UFS 4.0, and fourth-generation solid-state drives (SSD), as well as advanced memory modules.