Healthcare Dec 18, 2020 05:51 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Today, it was approved by the National Administration for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis. This approval is based on the results of the phase III international multicenter clinical trial inbuild (R). It is reported that interstitial lung disease (ILD) contains more than 200 kinds of diseases that can lead to pulmonary fibrosis. Permanent scar of lung tissue can cause irreversible decline of lung function. 18% - 32% of ILD patients will have persistent deterioration of pulmonary fibrosis, that is, progressive phenotype of chronic fibrosis interstitial lung disease, resulting in dyspnea and high mortality. "This is the third indication approved for Viagra in China, and the second indication approved this year," said Dr. Pavol dobrock, general manager of human drugs for Greater China at bringer ingelham. The submission of this indication in China has been synchronized with that of the world once again, and the approval marks another breakthrough in the field of anti fibrosis treatment by bringer Ingelheim Prior to this, vegat was approved for two major indications at the end of last year and in June this year - systemic sclerosis related interstitial lung disease (SSC ILD) and progressive fibrosis interstitial lung disease (pf-ild).