Technology Dec 23, 2020 05:13 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 23, under the guidance of the central network information office and the Ministry of public security, the second "China artificial intelligence · multimedia information identification technology competition" sponsored by Xiamen Municipal People's government officially announced the results of the competition. Kuaishongtong, an artificial intelligence engine platform, successfully won the champion of variant homologous audio retrieval project and won the most authoritative and international level competition in the field of artificial intelligence in China The most advanced A-level honor, become the official certification of the national first echelon. Fastcom has 8 years of independent research and development experience in artificial intelligence technology. Its award-winning variant homologous audio retrieval leading algorithm can be applied to industrial applications. For example, the head organizations in operators, banks, insurance, securities, public security and other fields have deployed fastcom algorithms, making breakthroughs in business process upgrading and intelligent transformation. Fastcom's original algorithms will also provide industrial intelligent digital assistance for audio and video copyright infringement detection, smart home, Internet of things and other fields.