Technology Dec 31, 2020 10:04 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 30, 360 chief safety officer Dr. Du Yuejin announced in the "360 future Safety Research Institute Annual thought gathering" that 360 officially launched the "x-plan" (x-plan), which will invest 1 billion research and incubation funds to drive and support the academic and industrial circles to explore the future safety frontier, and lead the safety technology innovation. The fund of 1 billion will first be used to support the exploration of "X-way". 360 will offer a "reward" to science and technology workers and security watchmen to explore the uncertainty, complexity and vulnerability of Cyberspace Security in the next 30 years, explore global, strategic and forward-looking methodology, and explore the optimal solution. In addition, 360 will build an x-stage (Tianshu Forum) to collect and select cutting-edge proposals in the field of big security, so as to facilitate the explanation, debate, challenge and being challenged by the proponents and the industry. In this activity, the National Engineering Laboratory of big data collaborative security technology, which is led by 360, also held an expert appointment ceremony, and dozens of experts in the industry were officially appointed as members of the engineering laboratory Expert Committee.