Automotive May 28, 2021 11:38 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On May 27, Tesla's "t-talk" lecture hall with the theme of automobile safety was held. According to Tesla lecturer, the model 3 body is made of steel aluminum composite body frame, the front and passenger compartment have several H-shaped anti-collision structures, and the passenger compartment adopts a safe cage structure. In addition, the left and right inner plates and reinforcing plates of model 3 A-pillar are made of thermoforming materials with yield strength greater than 1000MPa, and the sheet metal thickness is higher than that of similar models; The upper part of the B-pillar is added with a reinforcing plate, and the two-layer reinforcing plates in the side beam are designed as a whole, which can cope with at least 4.5 times of the servicing mass gravity. The two longitudinal beams in the model 3 battery pack replace the traditional force transfer longitudinal beam to ensure the effective transmission of collision force and battery safety. In the main deformation energy absorption area in the middle of the car body, the inner through strengthening beam is used for the door sill, which can protect the passengers and batteries from being squeezed in the case of side impact or pole impact, and reduce the risk of collision. Tesla's safety in active safety is mainly reflected in autopilot. Autopilot is based on computer vision, and its body is covered with advanced sensors and cameras. The autopilot auxiliary system and active safety system are constructed, which can predict risks, predict ahead of time, implement steering, acceleration and braking decisions, and try to avoid accidents.