Healthcare Jul 08, 2021 09:26 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Euro health learned on the 8th that Neox biotech announced the completion of tens of millions of US dollars of a + round financing, which was led by Yuansheng capital and jointly invested by lyfe capital. The existing investors, including Sequoia Capital, Wuyuan capital, Yunjiu capital and Bai capital, continued to increase their investment. The financing income will be used for the rapid promotion and expansion of the company's innovative drug pipeline, the growth of talent team, and the expansion of international business cooperation. Established in 2018, xingkangyuan biology is the first high-tech company in China to combine artificial intelligence (AI) with biophysics and high-throughput experiments to develop innovative drugs for biomacromolecules and multi-specific molecules. Through in-depth characterization of protein-protein interaction, Xingkang probiotics has explored a set of computational design driven drug development model to solve the problem of "no drug" or difficult drug targets. It is reported that xingkangyuan has three research directions: the development of protein based macromolecular drugs, the design of small molecule new drugs based on protein degradation mechanism, and the exploration of personalized tumor therapeutic vaccines. At present, it has made breakthrough preclinical progress in a number of innovative drug R & D pipelines, and is expected to develop "first in class" or "best in class" drug products.