Healthcare Jul 28, 2021 10:22 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiouda health learned on the 28th that Guangzhou Lupeng pharmaceutical completed a pre-B round of financing totalling US $35 million, which was led by Temasek and followed by other strategic investors such as Qingchi capital, Lilly Asia Fund (LAV) and FengChuan capital. The funds raised in this round of financing will be used for the clinical research of Lupeng pharmaceutical's leading products lp-108 (selective Bcl-2 inhibitor), lp-118, lp-168, lp-128 and lp-169 and the development of multiple preclinical projects. Founded in 2018, Lupeng pharmaceutical focuses on the design and development of new small molecule antitumor drugs. With pioneering drug design and professional and efficient clinical development as its core advantages, Lupeng pharmaceutical always emphasizes novelty and creativity in the process of drug design, with the goal of achieving significant highlights. At present, Lu Peng pharmaceutical R & D pipeline covers cancer, hepatitis B, autoimmune diseases and other serious diseases that seriously affect human health. Among them, the core pipeline lp-108 (selective Bcl-2 inhibitor) has been approved clinically in China and the United States.