Technology Aug 13, 2021 04:27 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On August 13, Shenzhou information, Huawei, Zhongqing intelligent manufacturing, smart footprint and Youyi technology jointly released the park's agent solution. Park agent is a general term for realizing the mirror image of real business scenarios such as smart Park, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation and intelligent logistics in the digital world. The scheme brings the business from the real world into the digital world through full digitization of business, full connection of system and full digital integration, so as to realize digital scene management and control. Yuan Yedong, technical director of Shenzhou information Xinchuang BG, said that Shenzhou information forms digital assets and data warehouse by building a complete ecosystem with fully digitized business, fully connected system and fully integrated digital. Through twin technology, it shows the overall business environment in the digital world and makes the business controllable, manageable and visible. Up to now, Shenzhou information and ecological partners have built digital twins in various business scenarios such as smart hub, twin factory, smart Park, smart mine, smart community, smart city, smart energy, smart logistics and warehouse management, so as to realize urban physical examination and evaluation center, traffic and travel big data monitoring center, Guangdong manufacturing park The projects of multiple Park agents such as bank data center have been implemented. Shenzhou information said that the digital technology of the park agent can reduce the waste of resources and realize green and low-carbon. From smart port, smart hospital, smart bank to smart transportation, all Park agents will gather one by one in the future to gradually build a digital coordinate map of the city and form a smart city.