Technology Sep 06, 2021 09:55 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On September 6, Bi Ren technology, a general intelligent chip start-up, announced that it would officially launch the research and development of a new graphic GPU product line based on the existing general computing product line for artificial intelligence training and reasoning, so as to provide domestic general computing products for more application scenarios. Golf Jiao, co-founder of Bi Ren technology, served as the general manager of the new graphics GPU product line. According to Jiao Guofang, the graphics GPU market is more concentrated than the artificial intelligence market. The graphics GPU products of Bi Ren technology will support industries including games, AR, VR, simulation and video. In the future, they will further integrate with AI products and technologies to jointly form the computing foundation of emerging technologies and applications such as "meta universe" and "digital twin". It is understood that the R & D of the first general computing product of Bi Ren technology is progressing smoothly, and the R & D of the new graphics GPU product line has been officially launched. The graphics GPU product line launched by Bi Ren technology will continue to explore general computing application scenarios such as artificial intelligence and extend the products to the field of graphics processing. Founded in 2019, Bi Ren technology is committed to developing original general computing system, establishing software and hardware platform, and providing integrated solutions in the field of intelligent computing. Its products cover the fields of cloud general intelligent computing, artificial intelligence training and reasoning, graphics rendering and so on. As of March 2021, Bi Ren technology has completed round B financing, with a total financing amount of more than 4.7 billion yuan.