Technology Nov 18, 2021 10:26 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Ar intelligent Glasses Company Hangzhou Guangli Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangli technology" or "Guangli") Recently, it was announced that the a + round of financing of more than 100 million yuan has been completed, which is completed in two stages: a + 1 and a + 2. The a + 2 stage is led by the US dollar fund wind and capital of Alibaba angel investor Mr. Wu Jiong, and Songyang industry fund and the original shareholder Ivy capital. The old shareholder linear capital and Xiangfeng investment continue to give strong support and continue to overweight in different stages. After this round of financing, Guangli technology will further deepen its layout in the consumer ar smart glasses market, deeply cultivate light field and holographic technology, improve mass production and delivery capacity, accelerate the listing of next-generation products and expand its commercial territory. In August this year, optical particle technology released holoresin optical waveguide ™, It has become one of the only two companies in the world that have released pure resin optical waveguide, and it is also the only company in the world that mass produces this technology and launches mature terminal products, that is, AR holographic intelligent goggle holowim released in September ™。 This is an intelligent goggle that can display users' real-time swimming data in the underwater near eye. Since the online pre-sale, it has received positive feedback from users. During the pre-sale period, the cumulative sales volume has reached more than 2000 units. While opening the entrance of the underwater meta universe, it also opens up a new road for the consumer grade ar glasses market.