Jan 27, 2022 05:59 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
People's commentary pointed out that due to the large passenger flow during the Spring Festival transportation, tickets for some popular routes and popular dates have also appeared "hot" phenomenon. Some ticket grabbing software aim at this situation and launch a variety of ticket grabbing "services". In fact, no matter which ticketing software, you need to queue up in the railway 12306 ticketing system. Some platforms link the success rate of ticket grabbing with user level and accelerated classification, but the rules and priorities are not transparent, and the so-called "estimated success rate of ticket grabbing" often lacks sufficient and accurate basis. In addition to inducing consumption, there are various charging traps, and some tickets cannot be refunded or changed online, it is also noteworthy that the ticket grabbing software has the risk of personal privacy disclosure. Most ticket grabbing software requires passengers to provide personal identity, 12306 ticket purchase account number, password and other information, and some require users to upload ID photos. Once the information is leaked or stolen by hackers due to poor management of the software platform, these personal information may be used for some business activities without the user's knowledge, and even become the "breakthrough" of online fraud and other activities, and finally make the user suffer greater economic losses.