Technology Jan 27, 2022 11:32 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
"Yanrong technology" has recently completed tens of millions of pre-B rounds of financing, led by Zhuoyuan capital, followed by Tongchuang Weiye, and yuenthalpy capital as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be used to further expand the large-scale commercialization of enterprise level distributed software definition storage at home and abroad. Founded in April 2016, Yanrong technology is an enterprise storage service provider, focusing on software defined storage. Wang Haitao, CEO of Yanrong technology, graduated from the school of software of Tsinghua University and once served as a senior R & D executive of IBM. At present, the core product of Yanrong technology is yrcloudfile, which is a unified storage platform for unstructured data. It can provide customers with high-performance, high expansion and cloud native unstructured data storage in public cloud and private cloud environment. It is an infrastructure in the era of cloud and AI. Yanrong technology's team members are mainly from IBM, Jinshan cloud, Baidu, Alibaba cloud and other enterprises. Wang Haitao, the founder, graduated from the school of software of Tsinghua University, has 14 years of experience in technology management in the IT industry. He has worked in CICA, IBM, Jinshan cloud and other companies. He once served as the technical director of IBM's global private cloud products and the head of Jinshan cloud's private cloud team. Lin Haizhuo, founding partner and CEO of Zhuoyuan capital, said: the enterprise level distributed and software defined storage track has long-term high explosive industry and key infrastructure characteristics in the era of intelligence and everything. Yanrong technology is a leading enterprise level distributed storage and software defined storage technology provider in Asia. It has a wide range of product reputation and performance advantages in this field.