Technology Feb 17, 2022 08:57 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On February 17, huanniu cake house, an original dessert baking chain brand, announced the completion of a round of financing of nearly ten million US dollars, with Shunwei capital as the exclusive investment and index capital as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used for store expansion, supply chain construction, brand promotion and team building. Since its establishment in 2013, huanniu cake house has built human baking into a retail supply chain model, forming strong barriers with its own formula, customized machines and upgraded processes. The back-end super factory can support 100 stores, ensuring that the central kitchen is allocated to the central kitchen one day and the central kitchen is allocated to the stores three times a day. The supply chain is highly reproducible, the store expansion model is ultra light, and the store climbing speed is very fast and the return cycle is very short. Under the background of the epidemic, huanniu cake house opened 6 stores in 2020 and 11 stores in 2021. All stores have made profits since its establishment nine years ago, and so far it has not taken the initiative to close the store. For this round of investment in huanniu cake house, Cheng Tian, partner of Shunwei capital, said: "Shunwei team has long been optimistic about the domestic big consumption track, while the baking track takes cakes and pastries as the main categories, with a scale of nearly 100 billion, but the industry concentration is low, and the head brand has chain space. Huanniu team has a solid foundation in self built factories and supply chain, and has deeply penetrated the product concept of delicious products and healthy materials into the hearts of consumers in Hangzhou and other surrounding areas The city has a good brand awareness. It is expected that the founding team will continue to maintain its original intention, take French pastry as the inspiration, add Chinese flavor elements, Polish more classic products for consumers, and create more meaningful and powerful Chinese desserts