Technology, Automotive May 18, 2022 11:53 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on May 18, Qingzhou Zhihang released the methodology of "autonomous super factory", the latest "dual engine" development strategy, and three products driven by this strategy: mobile travel space solution Longzhou space, the fourth generation mass production vehicle standard automatic driving scheme DBQ V4, and the automatic driving R & D tool chain Qingzhou matrix on the first Qingzhou Zhihang brand day held today. Automatic driving super factory pays attention to "Data-Driven" and "efficiency improvement", improves the systematization and automation ability, is committed to creating a closed-loop data automation and accelerating the closed-loop operation, so as to provide support for the R & D and rapid iteration of technologies, products and solutions. "Dual engine" strategy, that is, the "power engine" to accelerate the deepening of vertical technology and the "innovation engine" to accelerate the expansion of horizontal scenes. Dragon Boat space positioning is a mobile travel space solution that can operate on complex open roads and adapt to a variety of models, which can not only meet long-distance and short-distance connections, but also change space. DBQ V4 can flexibly choose different configuration schemes according to different needs, meet different models and scenarios with a set of technology stack, and control the mass production cost to a minimum of 10000 yuan. Light boat matrix is an autopilot R & D tool chain with simulation as the core, which opens up the whole process from data processing, labeling, training, large-scale simulation and technology output. At the event site, Qingzhou Zhihang also announced that it would cooperate with volcanic engine to improve the innovation efficiency of autonomous super factory, jointly launch the public operation of robotaxi with T3 travel, and jointly create an autonomous front loading mass production solution with horizon.