Automotive May 20, 2022 03:12 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on May 20, avita technology announced the cockpit design of avita 11, its intelligent electric sedan SUV, for the first time today, and announced that the online reservation channel will be opened from now on. The cabin design of the new car follows the principle of "keystone". The interior piping seam is fully symmetrical and extends to the front and rear doors. The interior atmosphere lamp can interact with music and intelligent voice. The cockpit of the car is equipped with a smart Internet screen, which is composed of two 10.25-inch LCD screens for the main and passenger drivers and a 15.6-inch suspended central touch screen. The central touch screen adopts fast interactive design and has the functions of gesture operation, split screen application and so on. The front passenger touch screen is based on one core multi screen capability. The new car is equipped with high-power mobile phone wireless charging, and some mobile phones can reach a maximum charging power of 50W. The passenger compartment and trunk space of the new car are relatively independent, and the first car is equipped with self-developed algorithm RNC active road noise reduction technology. This time, two cockpit design styles of "cyan gray" and "Burgundy Red" were unveiled. In addition to nappa leather, the new car also adopts super fiber suede, tufting, flocking, soft touch paint and other flexible fabrics, and quilting, hot pressing and other processes are adopted in the details. The rear row can be equipped with double multifunctional massage seats. The electric adjustment range of the seat back is 40 °. The central armrest of the rear row has the function of touch panel and mobile phone wireless fast charging. The fixed glass of the front sunroof of the new car is matched with the panoramic glass of the rear sunroof, with a total length and width of 1.83M x 1.33m. It is equipped with 14 speakers + 1 12 channel external power amplifier as standard. It is also equipped with ASE active sound wave, 95L front spare box, intelligent fragrance system and antibacterial interior trim.