Technology, Consumer Staples, Healthcare Jun 24, 2022 03:00 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The report of the 12th Party Congress of Hubei Province mentioned that in the next five years, we will resolutely keep the bottom line of ecological and food security. Strictly adhere to the ecological protection red line, implement the integrated protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, strengthen the conservation of important water sources, biodiversity, water and soil conservation, wetland protection, etc., and improve the stability and service functions of the ecosystem. We will deepen our fight against pollution and fight to protect the blue sky, clear water and pure land with higher standards. We will strictly adhere to the red line for protecting cultivated land, thoroughly implement the strategy of "storing grain on the ground and technology", strengthen the construction of high-standard farmland, stabilize the sown area of grain, and ensure that the comprehensive grain production capacity is stable at more than 50billion kilograms.
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