Healthcare Jun 28, 2022 09:56 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
A few days ago, Hopei pharmaceutical announced that the product under development b7h4x4-1bb bispecific antibody (hbm7008) has obtained the clinical trial application (ind) license from the U.S. Food and drug administration. Hbm7008 was administered to the first patient in the phase I clinical trial in Australia last month and was approved by the China National Drug Administration at the beginning of this month. Hbm7008 immune cell adaptor hbice innovated by hbm7008 and platinum medicine ® The platform development is an innovative bispecific antibody that targets tumor antigen b7h4 and T cell costimulatory molecule 4-1BB at the same time. It can specifically activate T cells and produce anti-tumor activity only when combined with b7h4.