Golden Education Secured CNY 800 Million in Its Series C Financing Led by Hillhouse Capital Group and Morgan Stanley
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Nov 19, 2018 /EqualOcean/ - Shanghai Golden Education Training Co., Ltd., a private education institution specializing in financial and economical education, announced that it had successfully secured CNY 800 million (USD 115 million) in its series C financing, led by Hillhouse Capital Group and Morgan Stanley, and followed by Vison Knight Capital as well as Yonghua Capital.

Golden Education claimed the fund will be used to continuously build its international lifelong financial and economic education ecology, strengthen its investment in science and technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc., and to deepen new technologies’ application in the company’s practical business scenarios. As a result, the study experiences of Golden Education’s students will be improved, with better personalized services driven by technologies.

Founded in 2006, Gordon Education Group is committed to building its “lifelong financial education” ecosystem as mentioned above, by providing professional, systematic and convenient financial knowledge products and services to enterprises as well as individuals, helped enterprise systems to improve their financial operations, provided students with opportunities for further study.

According to Golden Education’s introduction on its official website, Golden Education presently has 6 business segments including Education Service Institution, Online learning Platform, Intelligent Technology Education Platform, Career Training Platform, University Service platform, and Financial and Economical Learning Toolkit, furthermore, the company now has 50 branches and over 5,000 full-time employees.

However, Golden Education’s service modules on its website is still in a mess that different service segments often overlap with each other, and different service providers, sub-brands as well as concepts are somehow difficult for users to understand.

Golded Education has a big ambition to connect, serve over 1 million Chinese enterprises, and to train over 10 million high-level international talents of finance and economics.

As one of the lead investors, Hillhouse Capital believed that "Golden Education’s ‘moat’ should be the ability to use new technologies to build a positive ecosystem with both its B2B and B2C businesses, which could help to expand the imaginable future market for the company.”

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