Xiaopeng Motors Officially Launches and Delivers its First Production Intelligent Electric SUV, Xpeng G3
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Dec 12, 2018, Guangzhou, China /EqualOcean/ - Xiaopeng Motors held an official press conference for company’s first production the intelligent electric SUV Xpeng G3's launch. HE Xiaopeng (何小鹏), the chairman & CEO of the company gave a speech and introduced the product.

Xiaopeng Motors summarized all features of the Xpeng G3 into five major parts, and the press conference is also processed according to these parts: Safety, Quality, Beauty, Intelligence, and Cost-Effectiveness.

For Safety, it refers to active safety, passive safety, battery safety, intelligent safety, as well as health.

Safety of Xpeng G3

For Quality, Xiaopeng cooperates with Haima Automobile, a traditional auto manufacturer in China with accumulated experiences, to produce Xpeng G3 in its intelligent factory to ensure product's quality.

Quality of Xpeng G3

For Beauty, Xpeng G3 offers 5 colors, as well as customized roof design.

Beauty of Xpeng G3

For Intelligence, Xpeng G3 has voice-control smart assistant Little P (小P), roof camera, automatic parking, etc. 

Intelligence of Xpeng G3

For Cost-effectiveness, Xiaopeng G3 is positioned as an A-SUV for young people. Comparing to vehicles with similar configurations, Xiaopeng G3 has an advantage in price, from CNY 227.8k to 257.8k(before applying subsidy), and which means price ranges from CNY 135.6k to 165.8k with the subsidy.

Prices of Xpeng G3

For more information about Xpeng G3’s configurations, please refer to the article EqualOcean published on Nov 15, and Xiaopeng Motors’ promises of battery and solution for "mileage-anxiety" could be found in HE Xiaopeng’s speech at Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition on Nov 26.

If there is anything could be considered innovative on today’s conference, it should be the function “Health Safety”, which can monitor the driver's heart rate. To be honest, the new Karaoke function released today seems to be awkward.

With a disappointment during the demonstration, Little P failed to follow the order of playing music when HE Xiaopeng asked onboard.

Last but not least, the most important announcement from Xiaopeng Motors is the delivery of 24 Xpeng G3 models, which makes Xiaopeng Motors the third EV maker startup to deliver production vehicles in China, after Weltmeister and NIO.

- Author: ZHANG Fan; Photos from Xiaopeng Motors official live video; Write to ZHANG Fan at

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