Tiger-Global-Backed Udesk is Exploring More Suitable Scenarios
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Udesk, a Beijing-based customer service outsourcing platform, is sewing up the rip in customer service industry and the company's operation, 36Kr reported.

YU Haoran(于浩然), the chief executive officer of the company once said, “You are responsible for great products, we help you create great service”, pointed out the product concept. Udesk relies on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to connect phones with a common platform. Online customer service, mobile APP, WeChat, Weibo, SMS, email, web, and other enterprise-level technology portals. Udesk's new generation intelligent SaaS customer service solutions help enterprises improve operation efficiency, increase sales revenue and earn customer satisfaction.  

As a new generation of full-service customer service system provider, the company connects all of customer service portals. Udesk has seen a change in distinguishing different scenarios and connecting them. For example, Udesk is capable of sorting service needs into pre-sale, in-sale and after sale and to tell whether Artificial Intelligence could take a full responsibility in this order in the next step.

Udesk is also delicate in designing its own big data tools called Insights to analyze the performance of pre-sale and quality in after-sale, monitoring the whole life-cycle of customer service.

Udesk has secured CNY 300 million (USD 43 million) in a Series C round led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from existing investors Legend Capital (君联资本)and DCM in September 2018.

The two venture capital firms have backed the company since 2015, leading a USD 7.84 Series A round that year and refueling a USD 14.9 million Series B that closed in July 2016, reported by AVCJ.

Udesk and its peers are benefiting a booming Chinese companies' service outsourcing, Chinese businesses inked service outsourcing contracts worth CNY 1.02 trillion in 2016, up 20.1% from 2015, said the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). China is the world's second largest service outsourcing provider, accounting for 33% of the global market, according to China Daily.

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