Knowbox Education, the Unicorn K12 Education Company, Released New Products in 2018 Global Education Summit
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Dec 3, Knowbox Education(作业盒子) debuted their new products Little-Box Classroom (小盒课堂), Picturing Homework (拍作业) and Home-School Box (家校盒子)in the 2018 Global Education Summit.

According to, themed as Combination, Innovation, Let education light up every one, the 2018 Global Education Summit (GES) was opened in Beijing on December 3, 2018. ZHU ZhiWen (朱之文), the deputy director of Ministry of Education, emphasized that Education should follow innovation trend, and root in the Chinese tradition. As the co-founders of Knowbox Education, LIU Ye (刘夜) and JIA XiaoMing (贾晓明) spoke in the summit.

Knowbox Education introduced its three new products: Little-Box Classroom, Picturing Homework and Home-School Box. Following the AIOC (AI-Oriented-Content) strategy of Knowbox Education, Little-Box Classroom is an artificial intelligence product, which can adjust the knowledge output to their clients according to the analysis of teaching region and the students' knowledge reserve. By providing outstanding domestic and oversea teaching resources through Little-Box Classroom, Knowbox Education aims to weaken the teaching resources imbalance issues in the traditional education system. The vision of Little-Box Classroom is to provide free AI teaching services to 1 million primary school students in China.

Attached with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Picturing Homework could check the homework automatically and increase the interconnectivity of paper task and electrical task. With the students’ consistent study data, Picturing Homework conducts multi-dimensional analysis reports of students, and provides precise individualized learning materials for the students.

Home-School Box helps teachers to manage the classes by offering better communications between parents and schools. With class management, task management and precise communication functions, teachers and parents can provide better educating resources to the students. With these three products, Knowbox Education has upgraded its industry chain to in-school teaching and off-school coaching system.

The series funding of Knowbox Education:

According to the Knowbox Education's official website, Knowbox has more than 10 million users, covering 1 billion schools in over 500 cities. The series of products has more than 5 million Daily Active Units, and 15 million Monthly Active Units with 200 million learning data collected per day. With supports from investors, Knowbox Education is a leading K12 education unicorn company and developing rapidly.

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