Haiziwang, the Leading Company in Maternal and Child Industry, Introduced Its Cooperative LED Ultraviolet Disinfection Products with 59 Seconds
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December 20, Haiziwang (孩子王), the leading company in maternal and child industry, held its latest press conference in Nanjing. During the press conference, Haiziwang annouced its cooperating strategy with 59 Seconds (59秒), which is Haiziwang’s first cooperation with a LED Ultraviolet disinfection company.

Haiziwang, with the mission of “bring beauty, care, health and better lifestyle to every single mommy and baby”, shares the similar opinion with 59 Seconds, the company advocating “simplify the disinfection and give mommy 59 seconds’ care”. Haiziwang and 59 Seconds introduced their cooperative product in the press conference.

The companies introduced series of cooperative products includes, feeding bottle disinfection box, mommy disinfection pack, toys disinfection bag, pacifier disinfection box, kids dinnerware disinfection cover, kids underwear disinfection pack, etc. This series of cooperative products can cover the disinfection of baby’s daily life, which provides the protection in all ranges.

According to, Haiziwang ceased its trading in China’s New OTC (Over-the-Counter) stock market on April 24, 2018, not too long after Haiziwang entered New OTC stock market in December 2016. With 3 rounds of funding and valued at USD 2.9 billion, There shows the possibility that Haiziwang is ready to be listed on the Chinese A stock market.

Following the trend of New Retail, Haiziwang is positioned as a service company to its  customers. As maternal and child industry is a special industry, whilst most customers in this industry are the new parents, and they require specific instructions on the maternal and child products. Hence, the typical e-commerce business mode is not suitable for the maternal and child industry.

Located in big shopping malls with average shopping area of 5000 square meters per store, Haiziwang has more than 20,000 products, which provides the customers one-stop shopping. Haiziwang also organizes several parent-children interaction events, like Children Culture Fesitival, Children Music Festival, New Mommy College, Summer Camp. With variety of products and attractive events, customers are willing to visit Haiziwang.

Haiziwang provides its employees with attractive salary that the employees can share the customers' profit with Haiziwang. By encouraging the staff to aquire the certificate of parenting consultant, Haiziwang has high reputation on serving its customers.

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