AutoAI Helps Always Auto to Build its First Connected Electric SUV
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Founded in April 2018, Beijing Siwei Zhilian(四维智联) Technology Co., Ltd. (AutoAI) was established officially in Oct. It is a connected car solution provider. It had worked with many domestic first-class Internet companies got support from a few well-known investment institutions. The company has gathered many well-known leading figures and talents in various sectors of the industry.

On Nov 29, Always Auto(爱驰汽车)'s first pure electric intelligent SUV U5 was launched worldwide. At the press conference, AutoAI was unveiled as a strategic partner of Always Auto Automobile, and AutoAI will help Always Auto with its connected vehicle development in the future.

Always Auto and AutoAI work together this time to connect the Always Auto Smart car with the powerful cloud platform for the needs of its car owners, to create a complete and comprehensive intelligent connection system. So that every U5 car owner can enjoy the "acceleration given by intelligence" anytime, anywhere.

In every U5 SUV, AutoAI uses WeCloud platform to implement functions such as account management, payment, message push service and assisted driving, giving the car a more intelligent system.

On car owner's mobile phone, AutoAI and Always Auto jointly created "Connected Car IoT +" which offers true communication between the cars and their users. In addition to remote control and Bluetooth key, it also features voice capsule, customized information push service, and personal driving behavior analysis.

In terms of the car navigation system, the Always Auto product team and AutoAI have established deeper cooperation. They jointly improved their product in terms of precision, presented the digital map in a beautiful 3D format on the car dashboard, and combined the car with smart navigation and scene navigation features.

Always Auto is a smart renewable energy car company that drives the evolution of the automotive industry in China. It has a solid automobile industry background and continues to evolve and breakthrough. It brought the concept of "Smart Travel" to the new generation of young people in China, and wish to provide the young generation with worry-free intelligent travel experience.

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